When Tired Becomes Too Tired

You know what tired feels like, yeah? Of course you do, you’re reading a parenting blog, you’ve got a good chance of having experience with a newborn, you’re a pro at being tired now. In fact, you can’t remember ever NOT being tired.


So what do you do when that feeling of tired doesn’t stop, even after your toddler sleeps regularly through the night, when you go to bed at 9pm and wake at 7am, having had an uninterrupted sleep but STILL feel like you need another 12 hours?


I remember what newborn sleep deprivation felt like – where you’re in a haze of having only had 4 hours sleep in the last 48 while trying to master new skills like breastfeeding, or figuring out how to remember how many scoops of formula you’ve put in when you can’t even remember your own name. But then you have the onslaught of guests to help with the baby, freshly made hormones keeping you not only in a haze of sleeplessness, but also love, which help you keep going.


Now imagine that level of tired without the nice dopamine and oxytocin, when your toddler is on the verge of no longer napping. You’ve run out of energy to do the most basic things – yes you care for your toddler, they are fed and clean, but you? When did you last muster the energy to have a proper lunch? Or brush your hair? I mean, you don’t go out any more, that would require way too much energy, so what’s the point?


That’s me, right now. I’m so tired I feel physically drunk. I’ve had a headache that hasn’t shifted in nearly two weeks and I can’t see straight. I’m clumsy, I forget everything, and I’m in an almost permanent bad mood. And I couldn’t figure out why.


When tired becomes too tired…


I finally dragged myself up to the GP this week to ask what I could do – last year I was diagnosed with a mild B12 and Folate deficiency, and I suggested that this could perhaps be a recurrence. He dismissed it, and a lot of how I felt – which considering B12 deficiency is reportedly one of the biggest causes of tiredness and depression seemed remiss of him. I’ve been handed prescriptions for VItamin D, B12 and folic acid, and told to come back in a few weeks if I don’t feel better.


A FEW WEEKS?! I’m sitting here trying to focus on the computer screen wondering how I’m going to get through the new few hours let alone the next few weeks. I can only hope that the drugs start to kick in and I can resemble a proper human being again before too long.
I’d love to hear tips on how to boost my vitamin levels – are there any particular foods you recommend?Screenshot 2016-06-16 at 13.11.57

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  1. Injections of B12 every other day until symptoms stop improving then continue frequently enough to keep them away. As well as 5mg folic acid, Epsom salt baths, good iron levels. It takes a long time, I’m 15 months in & still making small improvements. I’ve also had amino acid levels checked in my urine & take 8 different ones every morning, made a massive difference to my energy levels. Good luck!

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