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The Toddler Blogs – Mine

In the last few weeks, Mummy says I’ve been a “terror” – I’m two, lets face it, what does she expect? Over the last few days I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind of change – I can catch a ball pretty consistently now, I know how to play with words a bit more, and my memory is getting better. Another thing I have learned is that things belong to people – specifically ME, it’s all MINE.

I have a tablet that I like to watch videos on, there’s a fun iPlayer app on there where I can watch Bing and Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave. Mummy says it’s her tablet but she lets me play with it, but considering she got a new computer this week I think its fair to say the tablet is MOSTLY mine now.

I love that tablet. There’s a great video of a little boy opening up loads of Lightening McQueen toys that I will happily watch on repeat. Mummy says I should use the tablet for games, like the drawing one where I have to make a circle with my finger, or the dinosaur puzzles. Or the CBeebies one, but it’s MINE. I should be able to do what I want with it. And I want to watch a little kid not care about toys I would give my right arm for.

Mummy does insist on taking it off me though. Something to do with it needing to be charged, which I don’t understand, but it seems to take a whole day to do it, and it needs to be hidden away while it happens.



I’ve been steadily making a list of things that are mine. Would you like to read it?

  1. The television. I should be able to choose what to watch at all times. Not Rugby with Daddy. And especially not Neighbours with Mummy. Those people talk funny…
  2. All food. Whether it’s on my plate, or your plate, or on the plate belonging to a stranger. That there is mine. You get me? MINE.
  3. The contents of Mummy’s handbag. I don’t really know what’s in there-  it’s dark and deep and I fear for my life should I fall in, but I want to know. And what I do know is the stuff that’s right at the bottom? That’s mine. Whatever it is.
  4. Mummy’s reading glasses. And her hat. ‘Nuff said. 20160602_16141020160607_074754
  5. My hedgehog backpack. This is undisputed, it is mine. Mummy doesn’t seem to like it when I insist on dragging it around the living room for my adventures to discover dinosaurs.
  6. Everything in Tesco. I don’t need to take it all home, no, the nice people at Tesco have it all on shelves to keep it safe for me, but I do make an effort to touch everything while I’m there. I need that connection to my stuff.
  7. Mummy’s phone. She likes to think it’s hers, and she certainly holds on to it a lot, but it’s mine really. And she knows it. I think that’s why she carries it everywhere with her.

I’d love to know what you other toddlers out there have realised belongs to you – I’m certain there’s more to add to my list.

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4 thoughts on “The Toddler Blogs – Mine

  1. Hahahaha yes we have the same! My glasses, lipstick, my food (but won’t eat her own), my drinks, anything her sister wants to play with … she’s currently got an obsession with finding tampons and taking them out of the wrapper! MINE! MINE! MINE!

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