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A quick update…

I’ve been a bit awol of late – I’ve not been intentionally taking a break, but rather life has forced me to take a few steps back from writing.

You might recall that we were getting excited about our house move – Hubby got his dream job about 9 months ago and it means moving as the 120mile a day commute is, quite obviously, killing him. Well, things were charging forward – we had an asking price offer on our house before we’d been on the market a week, then we found a great little property in Northampton and had an offer accepted… it was all going too well though, apparently. Our buyers have just pulled out of the sale and we’re now back at step one.

So now we’re back to attempting to keep the house tidy at all times in case of viewings (which is impossible with Hurricane X charging around), and probably back on house hunting missions in Northampton. Joy.

On top of this, X has decided that bed time isn’t important, and some nights he’s still fussing about at 11pm – he’s wearing us out quite a bit at the minute!

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon – stress has rather given me a bit of blogging block, but I’m sure I’ll think of something interesting to write before too long!


B x

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