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29 More Things About Me

So in 29 days I will be *shudders* no longer in my 20s. *sobs*

In light of the momentous tragedy that is turning 29+1, here are 29 More Things About Me…

  1. In the course of my 29 years, I’ve had 10 teeth removed. I only have one filling though, I have a small mouth apparently! Ha!
  2. I cannot stand celery.
  3. I am a prolific nail biter – I have tried many times to stop, but it turns out I just really enjoy doing it, and don’t like having long nails!
  4. One of the few times I managed to grow my nails, I tried to light a candle and set fire to my thumb nail with the lighter. Singed nail smells just like singed hair, in case you were wondering… 26570322202_e9aeb1aaf5_z
  5. I get goosebumps whenever I hear Savage Garden’s To The Moon And Back. No idea why.
  6. I don’t believe in horoscopes. Anymore. I used to be really into it when I was younger, but I suppose that’s the duality of my Gemini personality coming out…
  7. There’s nothing I like to do more than sing my head off whenever I have the house to myself. Usually Disney’s Broadway back catalogue.
  8. I probably shouldn’t do number 7. I’m not very good.
  9. I once won a photography competition at school and the picture was published in a book about Birmingham. It wasn’t until the book came out and I got my copy that I realised it was the photo I’d got my friend to take with the disposable camera we had to use for the competition. I don’t think I ever told her… I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone, actually…
  10. I desperately want to play Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. I *will* do it before I die. Even if it’s only in my back garden.
  11. I hate going back on myself if I go for a walk – I’d rather walk back on the other side of the road so I feel like I’m doing a lap rather than just walking back again.
  12. I can’t swim.
  13. Despite spending the entire of 6th form in ridiculously high platform heels, I now struggle in anything over an inch in height.
  14. The first CD album I ever bought was The Offpsring – Americana. I’m quite proud of that.
  15. The first CD single I ever bought was Jennifer Lopez – If You My Had Love. Not so proud of that.26600945972_933983923c_z
  16. After digging into my family history, it looks like my parents are distant cousins. Awkward.
  17. I didn’t finish University. Strictly speaking, I failed my 2nd year (but kind of on purpose as I hated my course but couldn’t afford to drop out), but I got a shiny Certificate of Higher Education, so that’s something.
  18. I want to go back to university to study Film – I’ve started writing a few awful screenplays, but realised that’s what I really want to do. There’s nothing scary about potentially finding your dream career in your 30’s right?!
  19. I have never broken a “proper” bone – I’ve broken one finger, and my little toes about a million times, but nothing that’s required more than a little bandage.
  20. Both of my knees are dodgy. My right I hurt on a school skiing trip when I was 12. My left knee was a drunken table dancing incident.
  21. I’ve been known to spend the time I should be trying to sleep reading fan fiction – I’m not going to tell you what of though 😛
  22. I suffer from hayfever. At least, I’m pretty sure I do. It might by psychosomatic – I don’t like being outside!
  23. I used to play a lot of The Sims, but I generally never got past building a big house before I got bored.
  24. I suffer from something called Trypophobia, which is a sort of weird fear/intense dislike of small irregular holes, especially ones with something in them. Google it… I feel sick even talking about it… I might even start a campaign to get Google to not host images on the search page for it… 
  25. I’ve decided that if we ever have pets they will have to have Shakespearian names. Like, Pyramus and Thisbee for hamsters, or a dog called Malvolio.

    I started early…
  26. If money was no object, I’d love to do Route 66 across the States in a big RV, and spend months doing it.
  27. I once physically bumped into Tony Robinson, and his very tall wife.
  28. According to my parents, when I was a toddler I got a bit obsessed with Alastair Stewart, the news reader. Nope, I don’t see it either…
  29. And lastly, I’m not looking forward to turning 30. I know it’s just a number. I remember my Mom turning 30, or maybe 31, and getting all the “29 Again!” cards, and a badge – I distinctly remember a badge that got used year after year.

So there we go. I bet you all feel like you know me so much better now. Sorry if you clicked the link for the trypophobia thing and now feel a bit queasy. Here’s a picture of me rocking some groovy specs and a rather marv jumper to get those lotus seed pods out of your head…

I was just so flipping cool…


B x

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