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Hello again! In this blog post I’d like to talk to you about something even I don’t really understand. Moving house.

Mummy keeps telling me that we’ve sold our house and we have to move somewhere closer to Daddy’s work. I presumed Daddy worked in the car, which moves, so I’m a bit confused from the off, to be honest. All I know is that we have a big sign in the flowers by the side of the drive, and Mummy and Daddy shipped me off to Grandma’s for a day so they could show some strangers around our house.

The thing is, I’ve only just moved bedrooms – I don’t understand why I have to move again. I like my new room – my old one was what Mummy now refers to as “The Office” but other people seem to call it a “box room” – there are boxes in there, so that makes more sense. I’m not allowed in there now, but I don’t mind, because my new bedroom is HUGE! It has my cot (I’m not trusted to have a bed yet, apparently), and my toy shelf and all my books. Oh, and a shelf with my Pirate Ship and Spinning Top on. And the big chair where we read bedtime stories for as long as I can get Mummy and Daddy to before bed.

I don’t want a new bedroom. This one is close to Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom, where I really want to sleep, but it’s nice to know they’re close by. I like running from one room to the other as fast as I can without bashing into the banister at the top of the stairs, or the bathroom door, but it’s fun when I do crash too!

Moving House – My requests…

Mummy and Daddy keep discussing what they want from our new house, so I figured, as I’m going to live there too, I should have my say. Here’s my list of requests:


  1. A big bedroom. Big enough for all my toys, and all the ones you’re going to buy me for being an angel when we actually have to move. Even if I’m not an angel.
  2. A big bath that I can have lots of bubbles and toy ducks in. Although I’m still going to scream when you try to wash my hair.
  3. Room to push Baby Steve’s buggy around. Yes, I have a baby doll called Steve, and he has a marvellous purple buggy. And it goes FAST!
  4. Mummy seems to want a shop nearby. I concur, however, I would like to establish whether said shop sells Skips and Kinder Chocolate before I commit to anything.
  5. I want a scooter. This has nothing to do with the house move directly, but I think it would be suitable compensation for the emotional effect of relocating, don’t you?
  6. I’d like firm reassurance that we’ll be able to receive CBeebies at this new location.

I’m sure I’ll think of a few more, but for now please consider this my list of demands. Otherwise I’m not going.


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