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5 Kids Shows I Don’t Hate

So CBeebies is almost like currency in this house – used as a bribe, for a reward for good behaviour, or a distraction technique for nail cutting or bogey removal. I know, I know, I shouldn’t use the TV as a babysitter/my child will get square eyes etc. etc. etc. but, it does make life so much easier sometimes.

It also drives me INSANE as I end up getting all the theme songs stuck in my head, and find myself singing them like big musical theatre numbers while I’m cooking tea.

That said, there are some great programs out there at the moment which I do find myself watching alongside my 2 year old…


1. Duggee. Whoever came up with this is a flipping GENIUS. It’s funny, the kid characters are cute, Alexander Armstrong’s narration is brilliant, and there’s enough nerdy and grown up references in there to make me laugh too. And the music is EPIC.



2. Bing. Now, I’ll admit, after months of this on repeat it is starting to wear quite thin, but the smile X has on his face when it comes on is worth it. I don’t understand who or what Flop is meant to be still, but I sort of hope his unending patience and calmness will wear off on me one day.



3. Horrible Histories. The original cast, obs, we have them all on DVD. Strictly speaking, it’s a bit above X’s age group but he sings along with the end of the theme tune, which is adorable, and he really does like the songs – he laughed his head off at the Vikings song this week, looked at me and said “It is funny, Mummy!”.  A few weeks back I got a book signed by the author and star of the TV show, Mr Terry Deary himself; a nice start for X’s Horrible library collection as he gets older 🙂



4. Dipdap. I’m not sure whether it’s the lack of talking or the simplicity of it, or the fact that it’s actually quite trippy, but I kind of love it. It makes X stop in his tracks too, and he’s started laughing at it as well now that’s he’s starting to understand it.



5. Thomas the Tank Engine. Ok, this one is Hubby’s input – his first words were Fat Controller apparently, so I think he’s reliving his childhood a little bit by getting to watch this with X. I’m not that into it; the new theme tune is horribly catchy but not so easy to sing, and frankly Thomas is a bit of a prat – I want to grab him by the buffers and yell “INSTEAD OF TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A REALLY USEFUL ENGINE HOW ABOUT YOU JUST DO WHAT YOU WERE ASKED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE INSTEAD OF COCKING EVERY-SODDING-THING UP?!?” Plus, it’s really not the same now it’s CGI rather than slightly ropey stop-motion.


Do you have any particular favourites when it comes to kids shows? And that you secretly sit down and watch with your littles?



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