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Hello again, everyone. Mummy’s decided to let me loose on the keyboard again! This week I want to talk about something that I have a bit of trouble with, at least in some respects. Mess. I’m not really very good when it comes to messes…

Making a mess with toys, well, that’s one thing I AM good at – you want to see the beautiful displays of plastic food I present on the living room rug! For some reason, Mummy doesn’t seem to appreciate my artistic expression when I do this, which is a shame, because I think it’s awesome. Similarly with my toy cars – apparently they hurt if you tread on them, but frankly Mummy should be more careful where she’s walking so that she doesn’t demolish my hard work.


However, when it comes to mess of the paint variety, or playdough, or baking… then I’m not so hot on that. I don’t really know why, if I’m honest. I vaguely remember having a painting experience in the back garden about a year ago; it was a gloriously sunny day and I was sat with my friend on a big plastic sheet, with all these bits of paper and paintbrushes around… but when I got it on my hands I seemed to get a bit preoccupied with getting it back off instead of making a picture, like Mummy told me to do.

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And don’t get me started on mud. Puddles may well be fun to splash in, but the muddy ones?! Those are not for me. I mean, have you seen how high up Mummy’s legs that icky brown stuff can get?!? Mummy wasn’t cross or anything, but I couldn’t get my mind off it all the way home. Mummy told me to stop saying sorry, because it would come out in the wash, but still…

Maybe one day I’ll just give in and enjoy getting covered in all sorts of colourful slimy things. Mummy has threatened suggested we go to a Messy Play somewhere soon so I’ll give it a go, but honestly, it just seems like a silly thing to do!



Mummy would like me to ask if any of you other blogging mummies have toddlers who don’t like mess. Or is it just me?!

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