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The Toddler Blogs – Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone.

I’m X. I see Mummy sitting and typing away on the laptop all the time and wondered what she was up to, so one day she told me that she does “blogging”. I don’t really know what that means – I’m not really sure Mummy does either – but it does seem to be mostly her moaning about me getting passionate about things and calling it a “tantrum”.


Anyway, I figured I could have a go at this “blogging” thing every now and then too, if that’s ok, people of the internet?


First off, let me tell you about me. My name isn’t really X, but it has an X in it. I think that’s supposed to make me “cool” or something. It’s the only letter I recognise when we get the A B C D’s book out.

I’m 26 months old, almost. Which in real terms means I am 2 years and 2 months. Mummy says that the 2 months is important, ‘cause I’ve got a lot of growing to do before I turn 3. But if people ask I’m just 2.

My Daddy has a job which means he has to go out very early in the morning in the car. I think he does something with cars. He has lots of toy ones too, and for some reason Mummy gets quite cross about them and doesn’t like them very much. I think they’re quite good.

My favourite toys are my toy cars and my car carpet, but I also love my Hoppity Voosh which my awesome Auntie Rachel made for me. Although I’m not entirely sure how you make a Hoppity Voosh. Hoppity is from a TV documentary on CBeebies about a little rabbit called Bing and his friend Flop. We have quite a few DVDs with different episodes of his life on. Mummy says I have to stop throwing Hoppity around and getting juice on it because I might break it. But Hoppity likes being swung around by one of his little grey arms. He told me.



Talking of rabbits, I really like hopping around like them. And frogs. Who say “ribbip” by the way.

I’m currently reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and enjoy walking back from the shops (because Mummy wont let me walk all the way there too) and eating chocolate whenever I can, even if that does mean I have to blow my nose like Mummy asks.

So that’s me! I’ll get on here when I get chance and keep you updated on things that you might be interested in. Mummy says we have to look into something called Potty Training soon, which I’ve yet to decide whether I want to do or not. I did manage a little wee-wee on the potty thing the other night, but then I also did one on the wooden floor and slipped in it so I think I might stick to nappies for the moment…


– X –


4 thoughts on “The Toddler Blogs – Hello Everyone!

  1. Oh how cute! I do hope the potty training goes well – I left mine until the Summer and then outdoor living and fewer clothes to pull off and on (and wash and dry) was a bonus!
    Good to meet you

  2. Hi X, my two used to love the book ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ too (I hope you caught a big one!… Although mine never did!). If I could get away with it I’d hop around on the floor and shout ribbip at the top of my voice too, but sadly people are quick to judge adults that do things like that and a nice Dr. may come and take me away… However I’d like to add that it is totally acceptable when you are all of 26 month old.

    Don’t stop having fun and wondering. And save getting passionate about things until Mums not blogging (can I recommend whilst she’s cooking dinner as a good time?.. Thought not…).

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