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This Week | March 27th

Hello again from us, a bit later than usual This week has been so disjointed because of the Easter long weekend and Hubby being away that I honestly forgot it was Sunday – I literally don’t know if I’m coming or going right now.

This Week…

This week, X tried mashing potatoes for the first time while he helped me make a fish pie. Still didn’t eat much of it though.

Hubby races “toy cars” as I call them, or RC Cars as they’re better known. Easter weekend brings a fairly major event in the RC Car Racing world in Telford, of all places. On Thursday, the day before the event starts, Hubby had some friends from Switzerland stopping by on their way from the airport, so he took them out for lunch before heading off to Telford to check out the track.

Friday I ventured out in the glorious sunshine for a bit of shopping – it’s around a 3.5mile round trip to the shopping centre, and a really pleasant walk. X obviously finds his new buggy relaxing, and he’d dozed off before we got halfway there – something that hasn’t happened in ages! I went to remove his sunglasses as they’d slipped down his nose and woke him up in the process – he really wasn’t best pleased. Managed to get him an adorable t-shirt and shorts combo from Asda (I might have got a bit carried away with the sunshine) and he picked out some new Dinosaur pyjamas.  Later that afternoon my Mom and Sister came over for a bit so I could put the car seat in my sister’s car ready for Saturday.

Saturday I had my first experience of getting ready for work while single handedly looking after a toddler. Hats off to people who do this every day – it was manic. My sister came to pick us both up at 8am to head over to my Moms, as she was looking after him for the day. Normally, when I work Hubby is home, but as he was away Grandma got to offer her babysitting skills instead!

Horrible Histories!

I love my little job, I don’t work often but it’s enough to have a bit of money coming in and have a conversation with at least one adult about something other than babies! And Saturday was a fab day at work, as I got to meet a bit of a hero of mine! The utterly charming Terry Deary, author of the Horrible Histories series. We’re big fans of Horrible Histories in this house, X loves to watch the songs from the TV series and I had all the books growing up. Hubby and I went to a charity screening of the original TV show’s cast’s film Bill before Christmas and met the cast,so now I’ve got a full Horrible Histories House!

Me having a nerdy moment with the cast of Bill, Yonderland and of course, Horrible Histories

Sunday was a pretty lazy day – we’re not even remotely religious (in fact I’m very much an atheist) so there was no church or the like. My Dad and Stepmum came over with my Stepmum’s grandchildren, whom X idolises, and we had a little Easter Egg hunt in the back garden.

Next week involves yet more potentially depressing house viewings and hopefully getting our house up on the market!



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