Wicked Wednesdays | Jumparoo Vandal

It’s a bit of a throwback this week to when X was about 5 months old.

He was happily jumping around in his Jumparoo so I risked popping into the kitchen to put some washing in the machine. Then I heard an almighty bang! I’ve never run so fast in my life…

I thought he’d managed to tip the whole thing over or something but no… he’d somehow managed to free the cloud/rainbow spinny thing and launch it across the floor. That look just screams “What’s up Mum? Oh that? No that wasn’t me…”



18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays | Jumparoo Vandal

  1. That face! So innocent, a bit like Freya in our wicked wednesday! Scary how strong they can be, isn’t it? Freya quite often whacks the toy bar clean off her bouncer! #wickedwednesday xx

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