HEMA SS16 Wishlist

Ah HEMA, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! In all the stress of looking for a new house, I’d forgotten it means getting to decorate!! I’ve been having a look through some of HEMA’s Spring and Summer Season goodies from their Home and Living selection, and daydreaming about our new lounge… and created this HEMA SS16 Wishlist…

hema ss16 wishlist



1. Bottle with cork stopper. Oh I love a nice decorative bottle, especially one with some distressed text. This would look so charming with a flower in on a windowsill, or even just as it is.

2. Cushion Cover . I’m a sucker for Duck Egg and zigzag/chevron patterns. And it would go perfectly with our light grey sofas.

3. Patterned Tea Lights – I’ve never seen these before, but they are adorable. They would be perfect for lower windowsills or the coffee table. Or even outside in tea light holders on that one nice summer evening we’ll get…

4. Throw – Throws are so useful, especially for covering up weird toddler created stains on the sofa when you have guests, or for snuggling under for rainy afternoon film watching. I love the pattern on this too, and it looks so comfy.

5. Candle Stick Candle – How amazingly kitsch and cute is this?! A candle shaped like a candle holder?! GENIUS.  And it comes in a whole range of colours – I’ll take 10…

6. 15×15 Photo Frame – Perfect for those Instagram square shots, with a stylish chunky black frame and thick white border, it’d go with all the frames we already have. I’d be tempted to buy multiple in an even number and make a big display out of them.

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