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This Week | March 20th

This week has been about depressing house viewings, a trip on the train and flipping Jamie Oliver.

Monday to Thursday was all a bit uneventful, the usual tidying up after Hurricane X, and attempting to keep the house in order for the dreaded Estate Agents. We’re still undecided who to use to put our house on the market although we’re certainly leaning towards an online service instead of a traditional agent as the difference in fees is absurd.

This Week – Train Adventure!

Friday was our train adventure! X has never been on a train in his whole life (blame my anxiety issues here…) and he was so excited he literally couldn’t wait until a bit later to go – he got his shoes and coat and even turned the TV off for me. So despite planning to be on the 15:50 to Rugby, we ended up leaving the house at 11.30.

We’d forgotten to pack a bunch of stuff in Hubby’s car the night before, so I ended up having to lug stuff in my backpack, which was so full, X had to carry his bag too – which he did without complaint. He did really well, I was so proud of him. Plus he looked ADORABLE.

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We got the bus into Birmingham City Centre (25 minutes including the wait at the bus stop), then walked across St Philips Cathedral where we bumped into Aunty Rachel (who is a wonderful sewing blogger, and you should go say hi!). The plan was to sneak in a quick Happy Meal, but it apparently everyone else in Birmingham thought that would be a good idea too, so we hastily gave that a miss. Difficult when your two year old is shouting “Lunch!” every few seconds. Instead, we invested in a Tesco Meal Deal and ate it on the floor in New Street as we couldn’t find a free bench. Exciting.

meal deal this week

X was mostly an angel, until we got to HEMA. I’ve joined Fat Mum Slim’s Happy Mail so I wanted to pick up a nice card to send to the person I’ve been paired up with, and HEMA does the cutest stationery ever. But X had other plans, spinning the card racks around until the cards were flying off, doing laps of the pen stand, generally ignoring me while I got steadily more angry. Out came the reins. That soon stopped him in his tracks.

And after all of that it’s still only 1pm. I caved and phoned X’s Pops who was due to pick us up from the station at half 4 and asked if 2.30 was going to be too early! Thankfully, he was free, so we went to get our ticket and find our platform.

I don’t like new New Street – it’s big and there doesn’t seem to be many signs. But all the staff we encountered were immediately taken with X and his grown up talking, so we got help everywhere! We finally got on the train, which was the only one not delayed due to signalling issues (of course, because we were early, it would be, wouldn’t it), and it was RAMMED. We were lucky to find any seats, and I was a bit gutted that we had one of those with the teeny tiny window, but X seemed quite content to watch all the houses and cars whizz past.

virgin pendelino

So the train adventure was not quite as easy going as I would hope, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been with a buggy though.

mum and son this week

This Week – Moving House

The reason for our trip was to stay at Hubby’s parents’ house for the night as Hubby and I were travelling down to Northampton for a number of house viewings. We’re moving as Hubby got his dream job down there, but the commute is ridiculous, not to mention the sheer cost of all the fuel.

The viewings did not go well. The first house was lovely, but we have been spoiled with our gorgeous 1930’s semi with extended kitchen and off road parking on a quiet little cul-de-sac. This first property was tiny, and still somehow worth 20k more than ours. It was at the top of our budget. I think that’s when our hearts sank. The rest of the viewings were a bust – 2 cancelled, 1 was in a clearly dilapidated area and the last one was on a new estate without a shop in sight and backing onto a really shifty looking playing field.

We came home completely disheartened – our budget which would get us something lovely here in Birmingham would leave us in a tiny house in an awful area in Northampton. A change in plan is now vital, and we don’t know whether to put our house up on the market while we search, as we have no idea where we might end up.

Sunday morning we spent with X’s grandparents and some of his cousins, before heading back to Birmingham to do a quick shop and then it was Sunday Lunch with my Mom and Stepdad, and my brother and sister. It also saw me posting on the Jamie Oliver fuss this weekend – I don’t massively like to join in on controversial issues because I don’t have a particularly thick skin when it comes to nasty comments, but this was an issue I’ve got an emotional tie to, and it felt wrong not to say something on here. Thankfully, most people seem to have agreed with my sentiment, and even came to my defence when one person decided to have a pop – proving that most people are genuinely quite nice, as I’d always hoped!

Tomorrow sees us with another valuation on the house and yet another slimy estate agent trying to bullshit me into paying a fortune to sell our house. And maybe a run. Maybe.


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