This Week

This Week | March 13th

This week:

This week has been a slightly odd one, with lots achieved but also a lot of downtime. On Monday we road tested the Out ‘n’About Nipper with my first ever run in the park! I am not fit, but I’m pretty proud that I got to the end of my first ever Couch 2 5K session.  We also tried out the Cafe in Tesco as we had nothing in for lunch – that was a really, really flaky sausage roll, and X went bonkers after having tomato sauce with his chips!

this week

We’ve had our weekly trip to check on the ducks – there were a lot of flipping huge Canada Geese there this time, and I am terrified of them, so we didn’t stay for very long.

visit the ducks visit the ducks

X has been keeping a close eye on some Daffodils in the lounge – he is OBSESSED with them, and now every time we walk past them he has to stop and count them all.



The rest of the week has been taken up with desperately trying to get bits of the house ready to sell! Hubby had his probation meeting this week confirming his permanent position, so now the frantic preparations for the house to go on the market begin. Next weekend sees us heading to Northampton to start viewings on properties there – it’s a nerve racking life move, I have to admit having always lived in Birmingham, but it should be a great chance for a new start – and an opportunity for brand new adventures.

We had a lovely day on Sunday, seeing a lot of my side of the family and enjoying the sunshine – spring has definitely sprung into life (as has my hayfever, boo).

brookvale park

Next Week:

Next week will hopefully see me getting my trainers back on and continuing with the Couch 2 5K, and we might even venture out on the train to visit Grand Central and Birmingham New Street Station.




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