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Wicked Wednesdays | Mother’s Day Lunch

Time for this week’s Wicked Wednesdays, linking up with the lovely Em over at brummymummyof2.

om no nom

Hubby was away, and I figured I shouldn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day… so a Happy Meal it was. He didn’t seem too impressed with the toy – a pink Furby (or Pink Owl as he called it) and I secreted into the hands of another parent who looked delighted with it (sorry!). X started asking for it when we got home. Ooops.


22 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays | Mother’s Day Lunch

  1. Looks like he’s enjoying his lunch at least, it’s so hard to know what toys to keep when ever I try to get rid of some monkey always decided they are his favourite!

    1. They are little monkeys for “favourites” aren’t they. I just “lose” things and tell him he’ll have to tidy up to try and find it… he inevitably finds something else to play with while he’s “tidying” and forgets about the other thing. Two birds with one stone, lol!

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