This Girl Can!

I am not a small lady. Far from it these days, although I have never been one for “exercise”. I like chocolate cake and sitting tucked up under a duvet reading a book; I don’t like getting all sweaty and tired if I can avoid it at all possible.

I have always hated the idea of exercising where people can see me. As a sufferer of the skin condition Rosacea, anything that involves going out without any make up on and then exerting myself is my idea of hell – I literally go beetroot red, almost purple. And it’s embarrassing.

Not to mention these days I wobble in a really unsightly way.

But my health means more than my insecurities; I’ll always be of an anxious disposition, but I don’t always have to be fat and unfit.

I stumbled across the idea of a Couch to 5K program by accident, when I downloaded some free Android apps by Fitness22 that encourage you to gradually build up to doing 200 situps a day, and 100 squats. Having flown through the first week of each of those without completely dying, I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to try the C25K too.

It’s very easy to put it off. First – the weather was bad, typically for February I suppose. Then I didn’t feel like I had the right clothes – so we remedied that with a trip to SportsDirect. Then my trainers didn’t fit as my feet grew when I had X and apparently haven’t shrunk, so I needed new ones. Equally, my sports bras were uncomfortably small and difficult to put on, so I just, well, didn’t.

Then I got a cold.

See, lots of nice convenient excuses.

This Girl CAN!

So yesterday morning I got up and just ruddy well did it 15 mins of 1 min running, 1m30s walking. I figured if people were looking then screw them! Let them look! I might jiggle unpleasantly, and my joggers might not be the current fashion, and my hoodie kept riding up, but SOD THEM. I might look a bit daft, but at least I’m doing something. I could avoid exercising because I felt too fat to run, or I could run and stop being so unhealthy!

I type this now, well aware that I could just as easily start making excuses again tomorrow, but I hope putting this on the internet will spur me onwards.

It doesn’t matter if dogwalkers think I look silly running with my beetroot face and badly fitting hoodie. It doesn’t matter if other Mums judge me for being a bigger lady wobbling around the lake with a buggy. It doesn’t matter if the other runners in their expensive jogging gear pass me. What matters is I’m doing it.

Are there any other Mums out there starting out on fitness adventures?


Disclaimer – I chose the fitness22 apps myself; they’re free and they’re fab. There are plenty others out there that do a similar thing!

4 thoughts on “This Girl Can!

  1. Hi Becki, if I could I’d high five you! The hardest part of running is getting out the door and I feel my wobbly bits have never stopped wobbling, but it makes me feel good and that is all that counts.

    I bet those dog walkers and judgmental Mums are secretly wishing they had the nerve to get out and do something too. Our health really is important, so why not start taking care of ourselves more. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating chocolate cake and reading a good book, it just means that now you will be high on ‘happy hormones’ whilst doing so!

    Keep it up.


  2. Hiya!
    I popped over from the newbie group at BritMums and really identified with this post! Like you, I love cake and curling up in bed with a book. I’ve never been a massive fan of going to the gym or running but I do like group classes. My problem is finding a class that fits in with the kids and everything else I need to get done. I’ve never heard of these apps before but they sound really good and you’ve encouraged me to give it a go – thank you! x

    1. Those apps are brilliant – I like doing the squats while I’m making dinner or running a bath for the little one – and he finds it hilarious to help me count my sit ups! Haven’t managed to get out for a run since that first one; hoping to get out tomorrow if the weather’s ok! Thanks for popping by 😀

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