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This Week | March 6th

I’ve decided to start writing a little post on a Sunday that sums up life in our house that week; this probably isn’t the best week to start seeing as I’ve been absolutely chocker with a rotten cold that is getting increasingly worse, but there’s no time like the present

I started the week well with a 4mile walk in the morning to try to get X some new shoes and me some running trainers as it turns out that my feet have got about a size bigger since having him – I thought it was a myth, or just a pregnancy symptom, but now my 5.5 trainers are a bit too snug. This also proves just how long its been since I’ve even attempted any exercise… something I intend to remedy as soon as this cough lifts.

Other than a wee walk to see the ducks at Brookvale Park on Wednesday, we’ve not managed to do much more – I’ve been encouraging “independent play” a lot this week – i.e begging X to put puzzles together by himself while I get my breath back and have a cup of tea hot enough to help my throat.

This is the sort of week, with World Book Day and Mother’s Day, that in a few years time will provide ample blog fodder – but while X is still too small to be at school, and I’m too chicken to get the paints out to make cute little Mother’s Day cards with him, there’s not a lot to go on!

Saturday I was supposed to be at work, but the cold had reached fever pitch by Friday morning and I had absolutely no voice remaining – and considering I work in customer service where I’d have to speak to people ALL DAY, sometimes non-stop and loudly – so for the first time in a very long time I had to call in sick. Or email in, as I doubt they’ve have understood me over the phone.

Instead, Hubby was lovely and let me sleep in, then he spent the day working on some shelving and skirting boards that needed putting on while I “entertained” X with the tablet, or anything that meant I didn’t have to talk.

new shelves

Sunday meant heading out for a bit of shopping with my sister and a cheeky McDonald’s (only X’s 2nd ever I think…) and then over to my Mom’s house – Hubby was away playing with his toy cars racing his RC cars, so we decided to have a bit of a girly day – sorry X! Lucky ol’ me got my Mother’s Day presents a day early as Hubby would be out and X couldn’t remember where he’d put it… 😉

Next week, hopefully after this cold has broken and buggered off, I’ll be heading out for my first run with the Out’n’About Nipper and I’m even thinking about taking X out on the train!



As we’ve not been out too much, I haven’t had chance to spend much money! Woo! I did however receive my copy of The Blogger Journal which has spurred me on to getting The Mum From Brum self-hosted, and take this blog a bit more seriously. I also had an H&M order arrive – blog post upcoming – and bought a backpack from SportsDirect ready for mine and X’s future adventures. I also grabbed a bargain at SportsDirect for some new shoes for X for £ 5.49!

Dunlop pumps


So that’s it for this week – pretty dull really, I blame the lurgy! Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have done something awesome to share with you…

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