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On The Benefits of Toddler Birthday Parties

Toddler parties. Awesome, yes?

No, this isn’t a smug post about how many presents you get etc.

You might have noticed that X just turned 2. Well, we didn’t have a party, not really.

The main thinking behind this was I didn’t want the stress! Oh, how wrong could I be?! Yes, toddler parties seem to be the Mother-load of stressfulness, until that is you consider how many people want to see your child on or around their birthday.

It’s LOTS.

We decided to do the following:

  • On Thursday, X’s actual birthday – A trip to the Sea Life Centre with his friend and Birthday Buddy.
  • Friday – see his friend from my Facebook Mummies Group at Softplay, plus have my Dad, Stepmum, Brother and Sister-in-Law over at ours.
  • Saturday – trip to see Hubby’s parents, sisters and X’s cousins at his parents’ house 40 minutes away.
  • Sunday – have our friends, who we’ve not seen for a while, as well as my Mom and Step-Dad, round to ours for nibbles and chats.

It all sounds idyllic and organised, yes? No insanely busy days, no massive crowds to contend with in one go – an absolute fear of mine. Sorted. Right?

toddler parties


Except when it turns out that your planned trip to the Sea Life Centre happens to be on a day where about 20 school groups have also planned a trip to the Sea Life Centre. And a school group also runs riot at your normally super quiet Softplay centre.

sleepy boy

And you have to negotiate getting a toddler with awesome travel sickness skills to his Grandparents without vomming everywhere.

And having to entirely blitz clean and attempt to baby proof your house as your friends’ 7 month old is crawling now, and you were out all day since Thursday so the house is a bombsite… not to mention the food prep and cooking, and baking the umpteenth lot of cakes since Wednesday…

a tidy house?

All on top of a stinking cold.


So I’m hiring a hall next year. Getting it all over and done with in one fell swoop. Pass the wine…



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