RIP Naptime?!

It’s happened. The thing I’ve been dreading. The thing that’s struck fear in my heart… I think day time naps are fast becoming a thing of the past.

*ugly sobbing*

I can’t be all downbeat about it, I’m currently lying in bed at 8.15am on a Monday morning with a child who, other than one brief grumble in the night (that Daddy attended to, thank you! ), has been asleep since 8pm. We didn’t have the yo-yo battle of him lying down only to stand up 5 minutes later whinging “I want Mummy…” until 10pm. He was KNACKERED.

Granted we have had a very busy few days celebrating the wee monster turning two, and he did get rather grumpy in the middle of the day when he started to flag, but he soldiered on and made it to bedtime.


Now, while I lie here, tapping away on my phone and pondering whether it’s worth risking waking him up by heading downstairs to put the kettle on, I can’t help but think that although this lack of nap might mean we have our evenings back, it also means that a) I’ve lost my day time Neighbours catch up window, b) I’ve lost my Online Studying window (on the day 3 new courses start) and c) I’m never going to make my 10 flights of stairs on my Fitbit if I’m not running up to him every 10 minutes.

On the upside, maybe this means we can finally go on the train up to Liverpool to see my friend too, without me panicking that he’s gone without sleep…

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