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We’ve had a few buggies over the last two years, and they’ve all been indispensable – X and I usually walk everywhere or use public transport, and there’s no way we would manage without one.

Our latest purchase is the Out’n’About Nipper V4. I was looking for something with a deeper seat, as X has managed to almost out-grow the seat on his Oyster travel system, but also something suitable for jogging – the Nipper is not recommended by Out’n’About as a running buggy, but with a lockable front wheel, and air filled tyres, it can be a cheaper alternative for those wanting to start out, as plenty of other reviews demonstrate. For those looking for a more dedicated running buggy there is the Sports edition of the V4 which has a fixed front wheel and handlebar break.
Out n About Nipper V4 Canopy Open

The pushchair itself is incredibly light and a delight to push – in fact, it barely feels like I’m pushing it at all! Getting used to a three wheeler after a series of four wheelers has been interesting, mostly in the negotiation of kerbs! I’ve taken it on the bus – which does lead me to one con in that the buggy is very long, and therefore quite difficult to fit into the tiny spaces for pushchairs.

Out n About Nipper V4 Suspension

The suspension is excellent, the ride itself is gentle and I’ve really noticed the difference with the air filled tyres as opposed to the solid tyres of the Oyster and Cosatto Supa we’ve been using in the past. There are EVA wheels available, which I’m considering investing in, in case of punctures, plus they are a whopping 1.5kg lighter than the air filled ones. They may be more useful for every day use, saving the air filled tyres for off road and jogging. The lockable front wheel swivels 360degrees making turning a dream. It is very easy to handle one handed too – ideal for shopping!!

Out n About Nipper V4 Breaks and Wheels

The break is easy to put on, and good job too, as this thing rolls so easily it’ll be off before you know it. It’s also nice and easy to take off, and with the see-saw style lock, it is sandal friendly! The Nipper doesn’t come with a traditional buggy basket  – although you can purchase one as an addition – but it does have this rather handy drawstring bag/basket under the seat. It doesn’t look like it holds a lot at first glance, but I’ve managed to get a large bag of shopping in there. It’s good to know it’s really secure too – no more losing things going over a bump on the walk home.

Out n About Nipper V4 Shopping Basket

It has a fully adjustable seat which sits up nice and straight (which the Oyster certainly didn’t), as well as lying flat making it suitable for use with a newborn. Again, going against tradition, it uses a strap rather than fixed points to adjust the seat, which is great for variety of sitting positions, but not so handy when it comes to trying to gently lower a sleeping child!

The peek-a-boo window on the top of the canopy is in a really useful place, and the cover rolls nicely out of the way. There are zip up pockets on the canopy too, but obviously these are only useful if you have the canopy up! The canopy mechanism is quite noisy so not really helpful in a sleeping child situation. There is also a mesh section on the back of the canopy and seat that can be opened to help keep the air moving on warmer days

Out N About Nipper V4 Peek-A-Boo Window Out N About Nipper V4 Canopy Pockets

The buggy has quick release wheels – handy if you’ve been out in the countryside and don’t want to make the boot of the car/your floors dirty. Out’n’About also have a storage bag available to buy to help protect the buggy and surrounded surfaces.

There is a comfy padded seat liner that matches the colour of the canopy and velcros securely into place. It has a great five point harness  with generous straps – the straps on the Oyster were at their longest the last time X used it, whereas now these on the Nipper are nearly at their shortest – there’s going to be a lot of life in this!

The handlebar is easy to adjust – I like a higher handlebar despite being only 5foot4, and there’s still settings higher than I use, which is impressive considering I used the tallest setting on the Oyster and the Supa. I can’t see a tall person struggling with this model at all.

Folding is not the easiest ever, and you do have to take off the support bar, but it is still really simple and secure, with a handy little locking mechanism to keep it together when folded. That said, while it does fold neatly it isn’t the most compact, so it might be worth checking that it would fit in your car boot if that’s on the smaller side.

In The Box

The frame, matching seat liner, raincover  (depending on seller) and support bar.

There are loads of matching accessories available including a footmuff and change bag and additional shopping basket, the newborn insert, carrycot and a sun mesh cover. It is also available in a number of other colours.


Generally, I’ve been really impressed with this buggy so far! I even gave it a little test on a bit of a run this week, and its still a seriously smooth ride – X was begging me to go fast again and again. Other than the length being a minor issue on public transport, I’ve yet to find anything to complain about.

Out ‘n’ About Nipper V4 in Carnival Red, purchased February 2016 for £220.

Disclaimer: I am reviewing this item as a paying customer; I have not received any compensation for this review – we just really like it!

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