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Blogging, especially Parent Blogging has a bit of a rep of being a fad, something a lot of people do but never really get very far with, and so on… Over the years I’ve set up and soon after given up on blog after blog – I never seem to have much to say for myself after a post or two. But the glorious fact of parenthood is that you’re experiencing a daily joyous battle that so many millions of others around the world are experiencing too, so you should have a captive audience, right?

To a point. As the mother of a toddler I get approximately 30 seconds every few hours in which I have time to peruse other blogs – usually the same 30 seconds I have on the loo before said toddler barges in with loud “Look Mummy!! Look!!” (in reference to the same small model of Lightning McQueen I just fished out from under the sofa 2 minutes ago). Reading rather gets neglected, pushed aside in favour of a Neighbours during nap time, or catching up on Twitter – anything that involves something on the TV that doesn’t consist of brightly coloured characters singing ridiculously catchy songs, and the turning off of one’s brain for a bit.

And on that subject, I don’t seem to dedicate enough time to my own blog these days either. I just mentioned to the husband that, whenever X and I go out on our daily walks I let my mind wander and often come up with a few posts I’d like to write, a few quips I find amusing enough to work on, a thought that could be something profound if I give it enough time… but by the time we get home, and he’s out of his buggy, the buggy folded, coats and shoes put away, his requests for more Bing, juice, a snack, a bum change all met, and he’s down for his nap, all that seems to have faded away and I only have the energy for Australian soap operas and scrolling through Twitter.

Today, instead of vegging on the sofa with the laptop while X snored away upstairs, I made the bold decision (ha!) to set it up on the dining table instead. Granted, I still dwindled most of my free time watching Bill (again) and prating about on Facebook, but also doing a bit of French studying and trying to get to grips with English grammar (something I now regret, having filled a gorgeous HEMA notebook with notes on subjunctive ‘if’ constructions and present participle verb forms and still not understanding a word of it…) but once X awoke he let me continue – he may have slightly destroyed the lounge by taking out all of his books, and toy cars, and stomped on them all in his new monster wellies (which he put on the right feet – humblebrag o’clock) while I studied – but I got a bit more work done. And books don’t take *that* long to put away, in the grand scheme of things.

Now’s the time, isn’t it, for me to spend more time working and less time on social media supervising? The excuse that he might tumble and hurt himself is a moot point now that he laughs when he hurls himself off the arm of the sofa, then gets up and does it again.

Therefore, alongside my attempts at exercise (a sit up app on my phone that I am so far following – I’m up to 20 every other day, go me! *sarcastic face emoji* ), I am going to work harder to write down all the ideas I have in my head, all the funny situations X manages to get himself into, all the bizarre things he says. And dedicate a bit more of my “me” time to reading the situations and bizarre things that other people’s kids do too. Parent Blogging is a community, and it’s time for me to get more involved.

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