Monthly Updates

23 Month Update

This is it, then folks. The last monthly update! I’m completely in denial – he can’t be growing up this quickly. It’s impossible.


My little chatterbox is still very much a chatterbox! This month he’s mostly been learning a lot of songs; he tries to join in with pretty much everything he hears, and it doesn’t seem to take him long to pick up the bulk of the song.

We’ve also been working on Letters and Numbers – since he learned to sing the Alphabet (albeit with a few bumps along the way) he has started to recognise letters and their sounds. He often has a packet of Organix Alphabet Biscuits as a snack throughout the day, and he’s getting rather good at telling me which letter he’s about to eat!

He also knows what 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like!



Hey guess what?! I got him weighed!! I actually went to see the Health Visitor and got him weighed! He’s now 25lbs 12oz, which does take him down to the 25th Centile, much lower than the 50th line he’d been comfortably following since birth. The HV wasn’t too concerned, as long as he’s still eating!

There’s not really much to add these days on his walking and running… it’s all he does, afterall. He’s getting pretty nifty at dancing, and tries to copy moves. Climbing seems to be the top of his agenda at the moment however. Especially on the arms of the sofa, which leads to me nearly having a heartattack at least 4 times a day.


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Eating and Drinking

Eating is, for want of more hyperbole, a nightmare. I’ve taken to filling him up of a morning with fruit and toast as he just doesn’t want to eat of an afternoon or evening.

He has his own little table in the window bay, where he sits for breakfast, and where I put his bowls of snacks, but it seems distractions come too easily at tea time, so I’ve started putting him back in his booster chair at the main dining table. That doesn’t always work either – a few times recently I’ve had to spoon feed him just so he has actually eaten ANYTHING. I’m hoping desperately that this is just a phase, and as his attention span grows perhaps he’ll be able to sit still long enough to manage a full meal.

Drinking isn’t something he needs a lot of prompting for – we invested in a Munchkin 360 cup about a fortnight ago and he LOVES it, and he’s still content with his Sistema sports bottles. He has around 3 cups of milk a day, still in the cheap Tommee Tippee sippy cups.



Nap time =  a dream! Bed time = the longest time in the whole wide world. I think I’m going to have to face the fact that his daytime nap is effecting how tired he is come bedtime and I’m going to have to cut it down a bit… *uncontrollable sobbing* So there goes my “me” time to catch up with blogging (which I don’t do enough of, I know…), my online free courses, Neighbours… but on the upside it means we can have more adventures out and about without having to rush back to get little man in bed for his sleep.


Other Skills

Jigsaw puzzles, making me “cuppatea”, throwing and he’s started to be able to catch. This morning he put his new Wellies on (the wrong feet, but everyone has to start somewhere).

Climbing downstairs holding my hand and the bannister seems to be getting easier now his legs are getting longer – he enjoys going for walks much more now too.

His favourite game at the moment is looking after his toys – especially “putting them to bed” – he makes beds for them on the floor or the sofa and makes them all “snuggley and warm”.

So that brings us to the end of X’s monthly updates! I still can’t believe I’ll have a 2 year old in less than a month! I’ll also have to come up with a new way of talking about his development… *gets on thinking cap*


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