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22 Month Update

Only two weeks late… It’s that time again; There is only one more to follow until it’s his *sobs* two YEAR update! Where the heck has all that time gone?!



I’ve actually got around to making an appointment to get him weighed! Yes, I know, that means I’ve haven’t had him weighed YET, but I promise I shall soon be able to tell you what he weighs…

He’s shot up again recently – he has such a defined jaw and shoulders, it’s hard to see him as still so young; he certainly doesn’t seem like a baby any more! He was never a chubby child, but he seems so lean of late, there’s not much to him but he’s definitely not skinny.

I bought him his first aged 2-3 pyjamas last week too – they’re miles too long on his wee legs, but in such an adorable way!



X has never been one to, well, shut up, for want of a better turn of phrase. His speech is outstanding for his age; he never fails to amaze me.

New words come thick and fast, his sentences are well structured most of the time, and he’s experimenting with language structure itself – adding plurals, and “ing” to words to explain situations and experiences.

All of a sudden, just after Christmas, he started singing along with songs – he now knows all of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (and he often sings it to himself in his bed before he falls asleep), and joins in on many more; Humpty Dumpty is a favourite.

He follows instructions well, even when they have two or three parts to them. He’s also making decisions on whether things are right or wrong – I often get called “naughty” when I don’t play a game the way he wants.

He can count to ten (although he often gets stuck at nine and picks up again at seven), name most body parts (neck being the most recent) and knows a lot of colours. He knows his shapes, and can make a diamond with his fingers. And last week he drew a rudimentary face (but then scribbled it out before I could save it!)

His current favourite words seem to be “No like it.” and “Mummy naughty!”


Eating and Drinking

Still a minefield, sadly. Some things he will consume without question – mostly Skips and Kinder chocolate, but also Chilli Con Carne – and others are a bit hit and miss. This last week he seems to have acquired a taste for peas, which is a nice change!

He still has a few cups of milk a day, mostly upon waking and after his nap, and sometimes before bed if he’s not eaten much for tea.



Ah sleep! I remember that!

But seriously, I shouldn’t complain. X typically wakes once in the night, and regularly rises between 6 and half past, despite us investing in a Gro Clock and setting the sun for 7am – it worked for about a day. We shall keep trying!

He still has a decent nap most days, usually just after midday. On the days he doesn’t… oh the afternoon is hell!


Other Skills

Do tantrums count as skills? If so he is KING.

He loves dancing, walking, spotting aeroplanes, and vans and lorries on the small patch of motorway we can see from our rear upstairs windows. I’ve been learning to juggle, and he attempts it himself too (and I don’t do much better than him, let’s face it…)

Stairs used to be a bit of a struggle, but since his last growth spurt he enjoys walking down them holding one of my hands and the bannister (although he’s still not tall enough to climb up them that way, despite his best efforts).

Dressing, or undressing, doesn’t seem to be high on his agenda – he can manage to take his socks off, and pull t-shirts over his head with help. That said, Rob caught him sat on the bottom step in the hall trying to put his wellies on not long back!

He can throw a ball, and is learning to catch, and he’s pretty good at kicking them too.

This last week he’s been unsettled once in bed, and getting up to ask for a “bum change” – I’m hoping this is the start of us heading towards potty training as he’s show little inclination so far!

Favourite things current include any sort of digger, tractor or truck, looking after Baby Steve (his baby doll from his Grandma and GeeGee for Christmas – I can’t remember who named him, but it stuck…), his floor puzzles which he is getting very good at doing all by himself, and the perennial favourite – Bing.

Next month, I promise, I shall try to get this up on the right day and not totally forget about it for a fortnight… I blame Christmas….

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