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Adventures | Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Just before Christmas, we took our now annual pilgrimage to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Last year, X was only 10 months old, so the whole experience was probably wasted on him, but it was the only Christmassy adventure we had, and the pictures will last a lifetime!

This year, we decided to venture back, especially as X’s love of trains has grown exponentially over the last few months (and Daddy’s love of trains helped the decision too…)


X, it transpired, wasn’t all that fussed. In fact, he spent most of the few hours we were there in the mother of all grumps.


We didn’t spend particularly long at the park – it was extremely wet and cold (unusual for December 2015 I think you’ll agree!) and we made the rookie error of booking for the first day of the Christmas school holidays. It was packed – there were queues for everything, we were surrounded by fellow harassed parents and impatient kids… oh, if only we had gone a week before! I imagine it being easier with older children who understand the need to wait, and can read the signs around for entertainment purposes (although I am maybe guilty of wishful thinking here, and that statement will come back to haunt me when X is older…)


The queues were especially long for the actual Thomas train that heads through the park to the Zoo, so sadly we decided to give that a wide berth. We managed to go on the car ride that has been there since I was little though!



We also spent 25 minutes in a queue for a 3 minute ride on Winston – the monorail type ride that takes you over the top of Thomas Land.



The biggest hit of the day, at least in Xander’s eyes, was the model of James – the red engine with a number 4 for those uninitiated with the trains on the Island of Sodor – who was sleeping. Xander had a climb inside and played with the levers, and even stroked James’ nose and said “Night Night”.



There were so many rides, but it turns out that despite actually being a good height for his age, X is about 10cm too short for all of them. Hmph.


Next year, oh next year will be awesome, I promise, little man. We’ll go before School kicks out, you’ll be big enough for the rides, and you’ll understand why we sometimes have to wait to get the things we want. I hope.



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