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21 Month Update

I am going to miss these monthly updates! They encourage me to get the camera out and really think about how far he has come in such a short time. He was a bit peaky this time around though – we’re all full of cold again, and he managed to have the world’s shortest nap so he was rather under the weather.


Yeah sure I’ll smile for the camera Mummy…



I have spawned a wee chatterbox! This week, Rob has taught him how to sing “Boom Shake the Room” which is hilarious, and he also seems to have started to count – especially the baubles on the Christmas tree (which he has mercifully started to leave alone!). I heard him get to 7 earlier (although he did miss out 3).

We do appear to be going through some sort of regression at the moment; he spends longer dramatically pointing to things and not saying anything, which from my vocal little chap is a bit bizarre. There’s been a lot more tantrums too, although it’s really cute when (if) he finally relents and says “Ok Mummy”.



I’ll give you two guesses whether I’ve had him properly weighed yet… *shakes head* but we do put him on the Wii Fit board from time to time and I don’t have any concerns that he’s over or under weight.

I also have no idea how tall he is, but he is comfortably in 18-24m clothes, although we do have to roll the bottoms up on his jeans.

He loves playing with moving around – he boogies, he runs, he jumps and he loves crawling around. He adores tunnels, and finds them in odd places like crawling through my legs while I’m trying to do my morning fitness DVD.


Eating and Drinking

Not a lot has changed here, in all honesty. He gets the chance to decide what he wants for breakfast, and usually wants “chee-os” or “sheddies”. He’s become quite fussy about what he eats out of – it needs to be a “big boy” bowl and spoon or he’s not interested. Thankfully, we’ve got a few old bowls that he can use. I need to invest in some more metal cutlery for him – these plastic Ikea ones aren’t cutting it any more!



We seemed to reached the age where he wants to postpone bedtime as long as possible by talking and asking questions – requesting more books, telling me about his day, showing me his toys, asking me to put his toys to bed… the list goes on and on.

He’s also started talking more in his sleep, and seems to be having nightmares which is quite upsetting. A few times over the last few weeks he’s ended up co-sleeping with us again; he does seem to need a bit more reassurance at the moment, which of course we don’t mind giving! It is lovely to wake up to his sleepy little face, although I think Rob would prefer getting punched in the face less.


Other Skills

He enjoys joining in with songs, and especially loves singing the Danger Mouse theme, which is odd as we’ve not watched it in a while. Last Christmas he was given a set of Brio trains which is often requested, more so now that he can put the track together by himself, but he’s not worked out the magnets yet!

We seem to be heading towards his next big milestone – Potty Training. Last night for the first time he asked to take off his nappy in order to sit on the potty, but he’s yet to actually do anything on it. We’re not going to push it, and let him go at his own pace, after all he is only 21 months, he’s got a while to learn this skill.

I’ve only got 3 more monthly updates to go *sobs* He’s growing up too quickly…

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