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The last time we took X to the Sea Life Centre in Brindley Place he was about 4 months old and slept through the whole thing. (We were offered free tickets by friends, before you suggest that taking a 4 month old to the Sea Life Centre was a silly idea…) This time round, we took advantage of the Parent and Toddler ticket, and took X to look at the “Shark Fish” as he calls them.


Despite being seriously confused by their pricing structure, we pre-booked our Parent and Toddler tickets eventually (£13.50 for an adult with a child under 5 years old, plus an additional adult ticket at the same price) online as it works out considerably cheaper than booking on the day.

Car Parking locally isn’t altogether that easy – finding the parent and child spaces in the nearest multi-storey is a nightmare, and we quickly gave up, picking a regular spot (sadly up on the 4th floor, but X enjoyed the ride in the lift at least.)

We were approximately the 3rd party in, and thankfully were a way ahead of the school group that followed us 15 minutes later (oh lord the screaming…). We booked for the 10am slot mostly to ensure getting home in time for X’s nap but also hoping it would be the quietest time in the morning – it seems like a lot of people thought the same.

I was so excited to take him to see the Penguins (pen-gins in toddler tongue) but he seemed to be quite bewildered by them – we didn’t hang around long, which was a shame as they were going to be feeding them only 10 minutes later. He seemed mighty concerned, perhaps they were much bigger than he expected ie bigger than Peso on the Octonauts. He didn’t want to touch the Star Fish in the rock pool section either – perhaps he’s inherited my wariness of animals? I really don’t like fish… especially Rays, they properly freak me out.

sea life

The Jelly Fish were a big hit, and Sea Horse is one of his new words today. The best bit? The tunnel of course! He spent 5 minutes pointing out “big fish” “little fish” “lots of fish” and “big turtle” and loved running up and down looking at all of the creatures.


Overall we had a lovely time – it seems an age since we did something “proper” as a family, especially since Rob started his new job – so this was a marvellous way to spend a rainy Monday morning! We had no tantrums, and it was a great space to let X stretch his legs without us worrying about him running too far away.

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