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20 Month Update

No longer a teen-monther… OK, I’ll admit, I feel a bit silly calling him 20 months now. He’s 1 and a half, really… but the difference between 1 and 2 is so enormous, I feel like I’m being unjust by saying he’s a 1 year old. Once he hits 2 there’s no argument, he’s a two year old. But for now, I’ll muddle on with months…


He. Doesn’t. Shut. Up. 20 months

Nor would I want him to, really. I am one seriously proud mother. His language skills are extraordinary; every day we have at least 4 new words, he uses sentences. And my favourite thing? He sings. He joins in with The Wheels on the Bus, Tiny Turtle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle. He even requests songs!

He’s also learning what makes him laugh, and what he can do to make others laugh too. Sadly, he’s inherited my propensity for hiccups though, so as much as I adore his giggle, I know we could be heading for a grumpy man and the occasional wet burp 🙁

He’s started to understand the concept of opposites – light and dark, up and down, big and little – and he’s grasping names much easier now, and gets excited to see extended family.

But it’s not just vocal communication we’re seeing leaps and bounds in; his physical communication is getting greater too. And by that I mean the hitting, and stomping, and pinching and scratching. I’m not so keen on this development, and I’m trying desperately to get him to be more gentle, but that word doesn’t seem to have made it into his vocabulary yet.


Hey, guess what? I STILL haven’t had him weighed. I’ll pop him on the Wii Board one day this week. He’s shooting up in height, comfortably in 18-24m clothing and is now a size 5 in shoes.

He’s playing with the way he walks now – sometimes he stomps, sometimes he chuffs around crouched over pretending to be a train. He’s also started crawling again more often. I can trust him to charge around on the soft play levels happy in the knowledge that he can get down again safely.

You may have noticed, he’s had his hair chopped off since his last update! It was a trying experience for both of us, but he looks super smart, and decidedly less like a girl.

funny face

Eating and Drinking

He’s not quite a fussy as he was, but eating is still a bit of a battle sometimes. He has his favourites – spaghetti hoops almost always get eaten, and he’s a fan of omelettes and toast. Beyond that, dishing up anything is a risk. He did wolf down a home made Chilli Con Carne about a week ago, and go back for seconds off my plate which made me feel wonderful!! And he didn’t do too badly with a Beef and Mushroom Cannelloni I made this week either.

He’s a pro with a spoon, he didn’t spill a single hoop this evening! Sadly, he’s now figured out the difference between juice (very dilute cordial) and water… have a guess which one he prefers and which one he now refuses to drink?

Milk wise, he still has it on request, and usually first thing and then after his nap. If he’s not eaten much dinner he has another before bed.


new duvetNaps are still essential to him – I’ve started taking him out for a walk in the morning to ensure a decent nap starting about 11.30/12. If he has less than 2 hours he is a nightmare all afternoon. Night times are still pretty good – his bedtime battles mostly involve shouting for more cuddles, or to retrieve his blankie, but once he’s off it’s rare he actually wakes until 6am.

We made an insane decision to change his bedding from a sleeping bag to a duvet and pillow, and did so the day the clocks went back – that was a bad night, I lost count of how many times I had to go into him. But since then, he’s done brilliantly, and even tucks himself in!

Other Skills

Blocks are a permanent favourite in this house, as is colouring in and drawing. He is 100% obsessed with Bing in every form – on the TV, books, toys… the works. He started telling me the stories, and comparing our daily activities and things that happen to things on the show.

Just lately, he’s become super clingy, especially with me. I don’t know whether it’s because Rob is not home as much when he’s awake because of his job, or just a phase he’s going through, but he’s very much into Mummy cuddles and not a lot else.

He’s started to recognise a few letters (although most of them are E according to him), and is beginning to count in order!

I’m a super proud mum, he surprises me daily and makes me laugh so hard it makes my stomach hurt. There’s so many more milestones to come, but I’m trying to enjoy the every day with him right now; they don’t stay small for long!

cheeky mush

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