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Wicked Wednesdays | 7th October 2015

It’s that time of week again – time for brummymummyof2‘s Wicked Wednesdays.

Today, X was scheduled for his first ever hair cut… yes, he’s 19 and a half months old and only ever had his fringe trimmed, ninja suprise attack style by yours truly…


So, there was me thinking, way hey,  Wicked Wednesdays photo fodder-a-plenty… and then he goes and surprises me by being comparatively angelic! Yes, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience of his wee existence, however he did really well. The worst reactions came from the lovely hairdresser re – damping his hair with the squirty bottle.

Therefore this week’s Wicked Wednesday comes courtesy of dinner time. Aka disaster time in this house at the minute.

Since the husband started his new job, and dinner time is no longer a chilled out family affair, X has decided to basically stop eating.

This evening I decided to try a new tack – carpet picnic with a 2 egg omelette and toast.

It worked for 5 minutes. There is egg trampled into the rug. And butter from the toast smeared across the laminate. And juice everywhere else.


This was pre – total destruction. Please excuse the builders bum…

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