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19 Month Update

19 months… 5 months off being 2 YEARS. A big fat NOPE. He’s still my baby. He will be forever, I’ve decided.

19 months


I can’t believe how quickly he picks up words at the minute – he repeats a lot of what we say, so I’m really having to really be careful of my own language. Yesterday’s new word was Mermaid, while playing with his new flashcards. Unfortunately, while his vocabulary is growing, so are his tantrums when I struggle to understand what he wants – he seems to be making some words up, almost, to explain what he’s after, but I have no idea what he’s trying to communicate.

We are getting there though, and I am really proud of how well he’s putting words together. We had a four sentence out of him the other night “I see Daddy car” as Rob pulled up on the drive. We frequently have words combined with “no” – his favourite game at the minute is to tell me “no” to everything I ask for. “X can I have a kiss?” ‘No kiss.’ “Can I have a cuddle?” ‘No cuddle.’ “X, can I have a million pounds?” ‘No… no.’


Hey, guess what? I still haven’t had him weighed. Or measured his height. Clothing wise he’s somewhere between 12-18m and 18-24m (although I do still have to roll the legs up on the bigger trousers; he’s inherited his Dad’s short legs…) He still fits in his 9-12m coat, which makes me think that Asda labelled it up wrong in the first place…

He jumps. He skips. He enjoys running from one end of the room to the other on the approach to bedtime.

And yes, he desperately needs a haircut still. But those curls…

He’s strong – seriously strong, and battles to change nappies and get him to go where he doesn’t want to are getting tougher. He’s good with stairs now, going up and down, although he does still ask me to carry him down them more often than not.

Eating and Drinking

Now this is an area where I can honestly say I feel like I’m failing as a Mum. He doesn’t like to eat. My darling boy who used to be a wonderfully unfussy eater now turns his nose up at EVERYTHING. I think he thinks Vegetables might kill him. If he was what he eats he’d resemble a Heinz Spaghetti Hoop. And toast. I’ve resorted to giving him a cup of milk before bed to make sure he has a full tummy, and we had been down to one a day.

Plate Hat

That said, he is now a pro with a spoon, and can eat most of his breakfast without spilling too much.Munching Organix Naughts and Crosses

He only has his milk from a sippy cup now, and all of his water and very diluted squash from a Sistema Sports Bottle.


Night times are still perfect – it is rare he wakes in the night, and if he does it’s usually just for a cuddle and a re-arranging of blankie. Daytimes are now, however, a minefield. Will he have a morning nap? Will it be an afternoon? WIll it be an hour or will it be 3? I can’t plan my days now, we don’t make it out to clubs any more, I rarely get chance to have much of a day out. I am struggling with him not having a decent nap, as I don’t get a lot of “me” time during the day now, and he is beyond shattered by 5pm, which is potentially what is putting him off his meals, and also means he doesn’t get a lot of Daddy time now that he’s home later.

Other Skills

He still enjoys climbing, and really makes the most out of soft play now – he managed to go down the slide all by himself! I think he’s been listening to Bing (his total favourite show) as he likes to yell “Go go go!” and proudly exclaims “I did it!” when he gets to the bottom.

He also really enjoys being outside, and often asks to walk now once we’re getting close to our destination. I rarely use his reins now, he’s quite content to stay near me, or hold on to the buggy while we walk, which makes me a super proud Mama!

Stacking is a big hobby still – he stacked Sophie le Giraffe on top of a rugby ball the other day; I’m still not sure how. Favourite toys are blocks and his paper and pens – he actually drew a circle the other day and called it a circle! He’s also started looking after his cuddly toys – asking me to change their nappies, and wrapping them up in a blanket.

And he loves to read – he now recognises his favourite pages in books, and often searches them out. He especially likes The Dinosaur That Pooped series, and anything with Bing in it!


I think we are approaching the dreaded Terrible Twos with speed now – I really need to brush up on my patience! I genuinely can’t believe how fast the time is going – although if one more person asks me when we’re going to have another child I might actually explode. NOT YET people!! With Hubby’s new job and an impending house move, it’s not practical!! So there!

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