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Wicked Wednesdays | 23rd September

So its been a little while since I’ve joined in on brummymummyof2‘s Wicked Wednesday linky; this blogging thing does seem to get away from me sometimes with a nearly 19 month old demanding all of my attention.


I frequently get dragged around the house to explore things, or get told to sit on the rug to draw and play.

But as much as I moan about being a stay at home mum sometimes, resenting the lack of “me time” I manage to get, I do love getting to watch this little fella learn and grow.

He makes me laugh so hard he seriously tests my pelvic floor (and reminds me to do my exercises…).


He stumbled around like this for about 30 seconds this morning.  I couldn’t stop laughing at him wandering about like a zombie! So it’s not so much a Wicked Wednesday from us this week – more of a Wonderful Wednesday; life isn’t perfect but there are some brilliant bits!

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