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New Beginnings and New Struggles

Those of you who know us in Real Life will probably know now that the Hubby has a new job.

It happened rather all of a sudden; he wasn’t looking but something appeared in his periphery and he thought it might be interesting to apply – and he only went and got it!

The trouble is, that for the minute, it means a 120mile round trip. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is basically his dream job, the commute would have ruled it out instantly. But it is a job he already loves, and he’s a happier man for it, despite all the driving and later nights home.

Me? I’m not afraid to admit I am struggling. A lot has changed, but most dramatically is the routine of our evenings together. Hubby used to arrive home around 4.30, which was perfect – it gave me chance to have half an hour to myself in the kitchen cooking dinner for us all, chance to have some absolutely essential me-time to unwind a bit before the drama of dinner all together, and then bath and bedtime. But now? It’s 6.15 at the earliest before I get an extra set of hands, meaning I have to cook and feed X, and mostly get him ready for bed by myself. By that time, I am frazzled beyond compare – contemplating packing a suitcase and running out of the door as soon as he gets home.

waiting for daddy

It is a well known fact that I need my own space – I literally go bonkers without it. And just lately that anxiety is inching its way back into my head- I’m not sleeping well again, my mind wanders off during the day, daydreaming about an afternoon to myself, or the opportunity to go out alone. gosh we're both tired

I get cross at X because he wont help – and how is he supposed to?! This is just as much of an upheaval for him too; he misses his Daddy. The weather doesn’t help, being a non-driver means bus journeys everywhere or walking, which is hell in this ever changing autumnal rainy season.

X has also decided to take this time of change to mean he doesn’t have to eat any more, or nap properly in the day, or, you know, be remotely nice to Mummy.

I know this will pass, we will get used to the changes, as we must. I’m certain life would be pretty dull if every day was exactly the same. And I’m sure as soon as we adjust we’ll actually manage to move house, and it will all start again.

So our plan for now is to get our house, where we’ve lived for just over a year, ready to sell and deal with all the stress and headaches that come with that, and move much, much closer to Hubby’s new job. And then we get to make a whole new routine!

actually eating

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5 thoughts on “New Beginnings and New Struggles

  1. I can imagine how you feel! My hubby is usually home by around 4.30, and if he so much as misses his train and is 30 mins later home it turns my entire evening into chaos and he comes home to absolute carnage. I feel your pain! Good luck with the house move. Hopefully it will make life much easier for you.

    Popping over via #FabFridayPost :0)

  2. Its so difficult when routines change and I can relate to the needed time out! I hope the sale is as stress free as possible and you find a lovely new home closer to where you need to be. #FabFridayPost x

  3. Things can get difficult when you really needs a break during the day, especially in the evening when all you need to do is to get dinner ready. I hope the house sale go smoothly. Look on the bright side. You’ll get the decorate a brand new house! 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up with me. #FabFridayPost xx (By the way, it looks like you need to place badge code in the HTML page. If you have any difficulty please do let me know and I can email you the image instead. xx)

    1. Thanks for spotting the badge! Silly mobile app! Think I’ve got it fixed now.

      I’m just looking forward to being settled more than anything. We still haven’t finished this place as we’ve only been here a year!

      Thanks for hosting the linky 🙂 I’ll definitely be back 🙂 #FabFridayPost

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