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18 Month Update

18months. 1 and a half years old. This is such a big milestone, really. My baby has definitely turned into a little boy!

cheeky chops


New words pop out, in the correct context, at least 2 a day, if not more. And sentences are becoming a daily thing too. It’s not just speech either; he’s finding more ways to get us to do what he wants!! He’s quite happy to take our hands and drag us to where he wants us to be, he pulls our hands down if he wants to be lifted up. Just this evening, he tapped the floor next to him and said “Mama” asking me to sit down.cheeky chops

He’s also showing huge interest in photos and wanting to make a drawing – he points to pictures and says “paper, pen, draw”. Although, in all honesty, he’s often more interested in emptying the tub of felt tips onto the floor and putting them back in.


my not so little boyBefore you ask, no, I still haven’t had him weighed (although we did put him on the Wii Fit board the other night, and he’s just above the 50th Centile now, according to that.). He’s shot up recently, significantly too, and I think it was pretty much overnight! All of a sudden his jeans are too short for him (not the ones in these photos… those are still huge) and his socks don’t fit on his feet. Time to do some shoe shopping!

He’s perfected walking, and now prefers to sprint everywhere – not just run, definitely sprint – and he plays around with taking different steps, jumping and skipping across the lounge.

Eating and Drinking

cookingHe still has at least one cup of whole milk a day, usually with breakfast, but he’s confident asking for more if he wants it. Meal times are either a dream or a nightmare, depending on what mood he’s in. He mostly eats what we eat, although he does love the Organix snacks, and raisins (although I do keep finding them in odd places, so perhaps he’s not eating them, just hiding them?).

He drinks well enough, solely out of his sports bottles now (or a lidded cup for his milk), and loves to steal my water bottles when we’re out.


His nap time is slowly coming down, which I’m not enjoying if I’m honest! I’d become quite accustomed to 3 hours to myself during the day, but the last week this has become 2, or even only 1, which is leaving wee man pretty knackered by the time bedtime rolls around. It doesn’t seem to matter if we’ve had a really active morning or a lazy one, his nap lengths are pretty unpredictable.

Night time sleep has been unbroken for a good while now, but he is still an early riser (and I am still not used to it!) Bedtime itself is mostly lead by him – we try to get a story read before bed, but he’s been so keen to actually go to sleep the last few nights we maybe manage a few pages before he gives up and starts to strop  – our cue to get him into his sleeping bag and then into his room. We read the story while he brushes his teeth, as it makes sure he sits still for a while!


Other Skills

Climbing is top of his list right now. He’s finally figured out that he doesn’t just have to use his knees to scale the sofa, he can now reach it with his foot, which means he’s reaching more places he couldn’t get to before. Joy.

He still loves his blocks, and loves to stack things. He also enjoys “counting” – he points to a series of things and says “two” on each one.

He’s also becoming a bit of a show off! Whenever we have a visitor he goes around naming everything he can, and bringing his favourite toys to them.

cookingRole playing and pretend play are increasingly taking up his time – he loves his Ikea Kitchen and often “makes dinner” then feeds it to me and his toys – he especially loves “cooking” on the stove, then popping the pan in the oven!

A new challenge is on the horizon now – potty training. He tells us when he’s done a “poo poo”, and when he’s nappy free he points to his penis and says “wee wee” – he doesn’t seem to know when it’s about to happen, but he’s certainly aware of when he’s doing it. Potty training isn’t something we’re going to push too much, but we have a potty in the bathroom upstairs, and I’m going to invest in a second for the sitting room.

I’ve decided to keep up the monthly updates until the wee man is 24 months (or 2 years as I will HAVE to start calling him!!)

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