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Last week, we were chosen to be part of the Organix Food #LoveGoodFood Review Team, and yesterday morning our Goodies arrived! So here’s our un-boxing and review of the products were were sent to test…

OrganixX had just gone down for his nap when the postman gave the doorbell a poke, and handed over the box I’ve been so excited for.

Inside were some fantastic Organix Goodies Snacks to try, and a brilliant Hedgehog Skip Hop backpack to take out on our adventures. The snacks inside are ones we are fairly familiar with, but the Crackers are a brand new one for us.

Open Box

The box contained:

  • Skip Hop Backpack
  • Organix Goodies Carrot Stix
  • Organix Apple and Orange Soft Oaty Bars
  • Organix Goodies Chunky Banana and Date Fruit Bars
  • Organix Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers


Carrot Stix

Carrot Stix

These, and the larger puffier version, were a hit right from the start – we did a combination of spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning with X, and they were fantastic for his little hands as the rough texture made them easy to pick up. He had gone off them recently; they do tend to make a bit of a crumby sticky mess when combined with toddler dribble and X really isn’t too keen on mess, but now that he’s teething again they’re back at the top of his snack list. The bags are an ideal size to shove into a change bag or toddler bag, and fill up a hungry little one. They’re not one I tried on purpose… X shoved one into my mouth the other day, and you know what? They’re really not too bad, although there didn’t seem to be too much of a carroty taste.

They do, however, make rather a mess. But X doesn’t seem to mind too much at the minute…

Apple and Orange Soft Oaty Bars

Apple and Orange Oaty Bars

The Carrot Cake Soft Oaty Bars are a firm favourite in our house, and not just with X (guilty as charged… they taste like Christmas!!), so when the Apple and Orange ones appeared on the supermarket shelves we had to give them a try. X is a fan, so I was really happy to see them in the Review box.

They break up nicely, so for X who couldn’t realistically handle holding the whole bar while charging around the living room at one hundred miles an hour, I can split it into 3 or 4 pieces for him. The Oats help to keep him filled up so he’s not constantly nagging for other food, they have a nice long shelf life which means they are awesome for putting into change bag pockets for emergency snacks, and they genuinely taste nice. The smell of Apple and Orange hits you as soon as you open the packet, and they are definitely soft enough for kids without many teeth… There are a number of other flavours available too.

Chunky Banana and Date Fruit Bar

Banana and Date

I ummed and ahhed about this one; pureed and dried banana has a bad habit of causing a few toilet problems for the little man (although actual banana doesn’t… go figure), but the date seems to counteract it, and these are therefore a great little snack for the lunch box. X happily reaches for them out of the cupboard, and doesn’t always wait for me to open them before trying to tuck in.

Om Nom Nom

They’re quite gooey, and actually at first glance they don’t really look all that appetising – a dark brown, slightly sticky… well, stick. The first time X tried one, he was pretty unsure, but since then he pretty much inhales them. They have a bumpy, ridged top, which lends itself to being cut into smaller pieces, however X has always found it easier to hold it whole.He’s inherited my sweet tooth, the poor child, so anything fruity and easy to eat is OK with him.Banana and Date Bar

Mini Cheese Crackers

Cheese Crackers

Ah, there’s always something X refuses… and for some reason it is currently these. I can’t see why, he loves cheese, he likes bread and other crackers, but these… perhaps it’s because he could see the backpack full of sweet things, or because he was full after the Banana and Date bar, but he wasn’t interested. He even threw the packet across the room, which isn’t like him. I’ll admit to trying one and not seeing anything offensive about them. We shall try them again another day – I’m sure he’s had something similar in the past and been quite happy with them, so maybe this is just an off day.

They’re pretty small (I suppose that’s where the “mini” comes in…) and perfect for little fingers. They don’t have the same texture as other crackers, they’re actually a little puffy. The bags contain a good amount, and I imagine they will keep quite well with a clip on the bag. The flavour isn’t overly strong, but they’re far from plain either.


Organix Foods are brilliant – it’s lovely to know that there’s something I can keep in the cupboard for when X is having a really fussy eater day, or if we’re going out on a impromptu adventure somewhere, and I know that he will eat it, especially knowing that they don’t contain too much sugar or salt. They don’t seem to interfere with him eating “proper food” and they certainly add something to lunches and picnics. Their products generally go against the grain when it comes to kids products, in that they’re typically products I wouldn’t mind eating myself – in fact, when there’s nothing else in the house I have been known to snaffle an Oaty bar to go with my cup of tea.

I’m looking forward to packing up a picnic in our new backpack and heading to the park when we get some sunshine!

Disclaimer: We were gifted these products by Organix Foods to review as part of their #LoveGoodFood campaign. This review is 100% honest – we really do love Organix products!

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