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Adventures | A Day Out In Birmingham

At the end of last week I had a message off my good friend Steph, asking what we were up to at the weekend. Nothing, as it transpired, at least on Saturday, so we plotted a day in Birmingham City Centre with her Mum!

Steph lives in Liverpool these days, but we originally met when working as Ushers for a theatre. We don’t get to see much of each other these days, what with the travelling distance (and the fact that I chickened out of going up there on the train with X…), so I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to see her!


We met up post X’s nap, and had a so-so meal in the Pitcher and Piano in Brindley Place (wont be going back there in a hurry…) and then headed to the new Library of Birmingham to visit the Discovery Terrace and the Secret Garden. Hubby stayed at home and did a marvellous job re-laying our patio!

X behaved himself pretty well, other than a fairly whingy time at the pub when he wouldn’t sit in his high chair and insisted on going to see the canal boats – but Steph’s Mum obliged him and they went for a walk while Steph and I caught up.

Steph is an actor and all round hilarious person. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing quite a few shows she’s been in/directed and even travelled up to the Edinburgh Fringe 3 years ago to stay with her Improv Troupe for a few days. She’s a seriously busy bee, and always has something on the go, so it was great to get chance to see her.

After our lunch, we headed out along Broad Street to Centenary Square – X loved seeing the owls, hooting at them as we went past. He did a great job of walking too – he was on his reins just in case he decided to leg it, but generally he was holding someone’s hand at all times.

The views from the Secret Garden and the Discovery Terrace are stunning, especially on a beautiful sunny day – you can see so far! I’m sure if I spent long enough up there I could see my house from there!!

X had no issue going right up to the edge of the terrace, and even the huge glass windows inside, which surprised me as he hates the clear plastic floor at soft play and wont go over it.

It was lovely to catch up with Steph – we may not see each other often but as testament to the comfort of our friendship we fell back into step and carried on as before.

We had a bit more of a wander around town, and then Hubby came to pick the wee man up to get him home for his tea. I had the luxury of staying out! Although I did leave my phone in the change bag which left me feeling rather stupid and cut off! Steph and her mum had gone to meet another friend while I was going to pop around town for a quick bit of shopping, but luckily I found her again so I could get a message to Hubs! I was meeting another friend for dinner too (look at me, being all social…) so Hubby had to message him to arrange our meet up.

By the time I got home, Little Man was fast asleep, and I was a teeny bit tipsy (oops). We had such a lovely day, and I PROMISE I will buck up and get on a train to Liverpool to see Steph again REALLY SOON!!

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