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The Ordinary Moments | 2nd August 2015

This week has been pretty difficult – X seems to be hitting his stride with his tantrums, meal time peace is a thing of the past and he’s really enjoying throwing all of his toys. But equally, it has been a week of obvious development – he gives us hugs again and says “cuddles” as he rests his head on our shoulders. He kisses without prompting. He’s approaching 40 words in the right context and uses short sentences. There is obvious pleasure on his face when he manages to do something tricky. And he loves his Mega Bloks, building towers and lining them up.

Watching the Bigger Boys

We had to get out on Thursday – there was no two ways about it, we were driving each other mad. Thankfully, just down the road from us is the beautiful Brookvale Park. We go there quite a bit, although not that much recently. I assumed it would be busy because of the school holidays, but besides a few dog walkers, and one other mother with whom I shared a sympathetic smile as her little boy was full of beans too, the place was empty.

This picture sums up our walk quite nicely. He was so happy to look around and take everything in. He waved to the ducks and said hello to people passing. But here? He was staring at two bigger boys playing cricket on the grass. All he wanted to do was go and join them – he kept pointing and yelling “ball” at the top of his tiny little lungs. We had to walk on pretty quickly from here, otherwise I think he would have freed himself from his reins and gone.

Please don’t rush to play with the bigger boys, wee man. Time’s going too quickly anyway, I need you to stay little for a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments | 2nd August 2015

  1. Such a cute photo and what is it about older kids? My girls will stop and have a look at all the older children and will always be desperate to play with them- I think they look up to them don’t they? I just saw the other photo on the side of your twitter of him looking into the lake- that’s gorgeous too! x

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