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Adventures | Brookvale Park Walk

On Thursday we were restless. Daddy was going to be home late, after bedtime late, so that meant I needed to wear this terror out.

So we went to the park. But I wasn’t just going to amble round and let him point at the ducks… oh no. This time, he was going to earn his Organix Carrot Cake Oaty Bar on the way home. He was going to be let loose on the reins, all the way to the fishing platform where the ducks gather.

It’s a pretty long walk, and I really didn’t think he was going to make it. Mama... Up!

But he LOVED it. To start with. Towards the end he was grumpy and kept “falling over” so I’d pick him up. That’s when he went back in the buggy.

Brookvale Park is a man made reservoir not far outside the centre of Birmingham. Originally, it supplied drinking water to the local area which was countryside, but as Aston and Witton became industrialised the water was deemed unsafe, and instead Birmingham was supplied by water from Wales. Brookvale and her sister reservoir, Witton Lakes, were preserved as public green areas, and they still prove to be a pleasant respite from the motorway just a few minutes walk away.

There used to be a jetty which fell into disrepair, and the lake was used for outdoor swimming between 1909 and 1926. The lakes are fed by two different brooks, one in Kingstanding and the other at Bleak Hill, and then feeds into the River Tame before heading out to the North Sea.

You can see some wonderful photos of the lake in years gone by here on Keith Berry’s brilliant photo site.

We walked up the side opposite George Road – the road my Grandfather lived on as a child – and closest to the more modern estate – where my parents bought their first house!

As much as I loved the walk, I have to admit a secondary reason for going – a chance to use my camera in the beautiful natural light! X was pretty good and did oblige for quite a few photo ops!

So apologies for the photo spam there! We had a lovely day, even though he was quite scared of the swans when we got to the fishing platform where they all like to hang out. I’ll definitely take him again soon, when we have a day where there’s no rain – the weather gods really know how to ruin a summer, don’t they?!

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