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Wicked Wednesdays #3

Blimey this has come around quick this week!

Our house has been taken over by a minature monster this week. Meltdowns enduced by not having the right blanket, Mummy leaving the room, and an absolutely hilarious experience on Monday where he was so desperate to see the car on the drive that all we got was broken sobs and “car!” for about 10 minutes – cruel to admit, but it was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing.

But my photo this week isn’t of a meltdown. It’s of a stuffed face.


This is what happens when Mummy asks for a bite of his Organix Ginger Bread Man… it all gets shoved in in one. I’m so glad he knows how to share…

Oh, and a big thank you to Em over at brummymummyof2 for listing my photo from last week’s linky as one of her favourites! *chuffed*

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