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17 Month Update

Seriously, where has the time gone?! I’m not sure I can handle how quickly the months seem to be flying past at the minute.

He’s so self aware just lately (he’s currently in his cot for nap time, cuddling Woolly Sheep and covering him in kisses – all I can hear is “mwah mwah”!) and seems to be growing up very quickly.

17 MonthsCommunication

New words are popping out of his mouth literally as soon as I’ve said them. He mimics EVERYTHING – which means I really have to stop swearing! I think we had our first few sentences this month, well, ish. We definitely had a “Yes please Mama” (although, granted, it did sound more like “jus cheese Mama”, but I knew what he meant…) and “Car go brum brum”.  He does get so frustrated when we don’t understand him now; he had a melt down because I didn’t realise that saying “muur” and pointing at the microwave means he would like a cup of warm milk.


Oh I know, I still need to get him weighed. I’ve no concerns over his weight, he’s got a healthy appetite and doesn’t stop running around – he’s lost a lot of the baby podge and his stomach muscles are enviable.

He’s developed a love of climbing over the last few weeks – he was never too interested in it before, but now I can’t stop him. And it’s not just furniture – it’s people (which considering I am recovering from my op can be pretty painful).

Still no more teeth – I can’t believe how long they are taking to come through. We’re still on 6 – four on top and two on the bottom. He’s got an underbite still, but I’m hoping that will start to change once more teeth come in.

Eating and Drinking

Meal times are a bit up and down just lately. He likes his independence, and will happily walk around with a snack, or eating out of his snack cup, but he doesn’t tend to eat much during actual meal times. I’m not big on giving him snacks between meals, but since he’s been cutting down on dinner I find I’m having to to make sure he’s full.

He’s a pro at sippy cups – I’m thinking about trying him with an open top cup outside on the next really warm day.

Current favourite foods include Organix Alphabet Biscuits, Petit Filous yoghurt, fruit pouches (although he can’t have them with banana in because they give him constipation), and Asda Carrot and Potato Waffles.


Getting ComfyBed time is, despite apparently being in the last Wonder Week, not a problem. He asks to go to bed, in fact he threw a tantrum the other night because I wouldn’t let him sleep before changing his nappy and putting him into pyjamas! The day time nap is still epic, and while I love that it gives me the chance to sit and write, or edit photos, it does rather stop us going out. By the time he’s woken it’s lunch time, once we’ve finished lunch it’s 1-1.30pm, and we’ve missed every toddler group, and there’s no point going out too far away as we’d have to be heading home as soon as we’ve got there.

He’s started waking at a fairly regular time in the morning, which is nice, but gosh I do wish it was half an hour later than it is…

Other Skills

Stacking. Gosh, he loves to stack. Books on books, blocks, stuff on top of his ride-on plane… you name it. He’s started singing along with his musical books too – Baa Baa Black Sheep is just adorable. He enjoys colouring in, even though he does tend to get more on his hands than on the page. And he loves taking care of his toys – I often have to change a toy’s nappy at some point during the day; he goes and fetches the change mat, shouts “bum” and brings over either Ricky Bear or Sula and places them gently on the mat. If I hand him a wipe he “cleans” then for me (saying “mop mop” while he does!).I'm going to be an engineer, just like my daddy.Blooming PPI calls make me so angry...

And our next update will be 18 months. 1 and a half… I can’t get my head around it!

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  1. Wow he’s stunning as is your photography! I can tell I am going to love your blog- I love finding someone who takes lovely photos. xx

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