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Snail Mail Delivery!

I do like a good letter. There’s something so exciting about something popping through the letter box that was written just for you. Well, I suppose, in this case it was for X, but I live vicariously through him anyway so it still counts…

We sent a letter to X’s Great Grandma and Great Grandad, who live about 3 hours away from us, as he’d done a lovely drawing (read: scribble) and I thought it would be a nice surprise for them. Then a few days later a whole parcel arrived for him! He was asleep at the time, so I opened it… to find a lovely Pirate Card (Pirates are my his favourite), two Pull Back cars and a Ladybird book.Pirates and Books and Cars, Oh My

He had great fun when he woke up. I put the cars on the rug, and as he walked into the lounge, he shouted “Cars!” and ran over to them.

He’s played with cars before, he has a few larger ones, but this must be the first time he’s really been engaged with them – driving them both around, crashing them into one another, and saying “brmmm brmmm” as he pushed them.

Oh, and he liked to share them with the camera too…


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