Review | Parenthood Listography – My Kid In Lists

Let’s have a show of hands – who bought a baby book?! And who actually managed to fill it all in…? Ah…

I’m just as guilty. I bought a gorgeous black Moleskine beauty that had lovely sections and a lovely embossed design on the front. I think I filled in 4 pages. If that.

But I came across the Listography series by Chronical Books on Amazon one nap time while I was stuck under X, and thought the Parenthood Listography book might be a bit more up my street. The concept is simple – make lists. Instead of writing essays on how the birth went, and how baby’s nose is definitely uncle so-and-so’s, this book gives you a prompt designed to be added to from time to time. It’s not just a baby book, it’s a book designed to cover all of their life.

Review: Parenthood Listography - My Kid In Lists

There’s a lovely section inside the front cover to write down full name and birth weight etc. and then we get into the prompts, including

  • A list of names we considered for you
  • A list of my parental triumphs and tribulations
  • A list of advice for your future
  • A list of your friends (real and imaginary) over the years

So whereas your typical baby book might contain the dates of first teeth and the like, this book asks plenty of questions that will make it fun to read through with your kid when they’re older.

The lists are all on the right hand side page (which I think would potentially be a tad frustrating for lefties?) and the left pages have drawings on them. Some of these are very US based, which is one of the few downfalls of the book. I’m planning on sticking in photos and drawings over the pictures that aren’t really relevant, so it’ll be a bit more personal.

Review: Parenthood Listography - My Kid In Lists

Head to page 131 (it’s a substantial book!) and you’ll find “A List of Firsts” – this is where this book comes into it’s own. There’s the usual firsts – smile, laugh, toy, steps, book and so on, but then there’s a whole 6 pages (left and right) that are left as blank Firsts so you can add your own – mine include hospital visit, pulled to standing, bruise, wave and commando crawl (can you tell my kid is a nutter?)

Review: Parenthood Listography - My Kid In Lists

The remainder of the book is dedicated to memories, and gives you plenty of blank space to jot down anything that doesn’t quite fit into a category.

This book would make such a wonderful present for a busy parent, or a total scatter brain like me, who just doesn’t have the time for filling in a whole traditional baby book – the genius behind this is that you can just dip in and out of it when you get 30 seconds! The paper is great quality and I haven’t struggled with bleed through at all, but I do use the Frixion erasable pens which tend not to bleed anyway. It has a soft cover and a green page maker. It isn’t as “pretty” as the tradition style books, but the artwork is quirky and enjoyable.

Review: Parenthood Listography - My Kid In Lists

Parenthood Listography – My Kid In Lists is 160 pages long, slightly larger than A5, and costs around £12 in the UK.

I purchased this products and have reviewed it as such; the item was not given to me to review, nor was I asked to review it by the company. 

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