Remember when I had two ovaries?! Part 4 – Recovery

Before the infection kicked in, I was almost giddy with how well the recovery seemed to be going. Then the bug hit me for six.

Even in hospital I felt rough – I still don’t know what infection it was, I guess I’ll find out at my check up, if they ever really found out. But once I got home, it was hard to follow doctors orders and relax while X was running around – I can’t help but jump up if he falls down, and when he’s stood there with his arms in the air, tears in his eyes, shouting “Mama!” it’s impossible not to pick him up.

Even though I spent the first week out of hospital with Hubby’s parents I still couldn’t stop myself from running after him, or taking him up for bedtime and nap time and it was really impacting on my recovery – I was in pain most of the time, and it was worse by bedtime so sleeping was becoming a bit of an issue.

Thankfully the wound itself seemed pretty happy – although I probably could have left it without a dressing, I was concerned about it rubbing on clothing. Hubby changed my dressing for me after every shower, until I’d been out of hospital a week, then we let it be. It’s not the nice tidy scar I was hoping for, it’s rather lumpy in places, but I’m sure it’ll heal a bit cleaner. I don’t have any stitches, not externally at least, I was glued back up!

I’m 4 weeks post op now – and generally feeling a thousand times better each day. I went shopping with my Mom and Sister last Wednesday, which involved a bit more walking than I’d thought and I sure paid for it Thursday! But as a rule, the muscle aches have almost stopped, but the wound tugs from time to time.

The worst bits of the recovery have been the medications. The hospital sent me home with Clexane Injections. They’re blood thinners to help prevent blood clots while you’re not moving much – as a needlephobe (or at least I used to be a serious needlephobe, now I just don’t like needles… ) there wasn’t a chance in hell I could inject myself! Especially as you can see the needles… if they were more like the epi-pen style, or the needles used for insulin I think I could have coped. Hubby did my jabs for me – that’s love for you! He was very gentle, and did it quickly knowing how much I hated them. I was also on antibiotics to make sure I cleared my system of the infection, and they made me feel like crap. In fact, they’re still making me feel like crap even though I’m no longer taking them. They have really messed up my digestion, killing off all the good bacteria and letting the bad ones take over. I seem to be on the mend again, though.

I think I expected the first week to be harder than it was, but then the following weeks would be easier; it wasn’t that easy. Being in hospital meant I could sit and listen to the radio, have my meals brought to me, but being at home meant chasing after X, feeding us both, walking up and down stairs.

I’m now on yet another antibiotic – the wound got infected because I’d done too much. I didn’t realise this was even a risk, but if you move too much, the wound pulls apart (especially as I had no stitches) and the bad bugs get in! But it does seem to be working – it’s no longer weeping, and a lot of swelling that I hadn’t even noticed has gone down. The scar looks like it will heal into a lovely thin line, and even the redness is going now.

I’m still sore at the end of the day, but I’m definitely on the mend.

I hope you’ve found this series interesting – there is so little out there with the full story when it comes to this sort of surgery; I spent a good few hours Googling and all that came back was people asking questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll answer as best I can.

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