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Wicked Wednesdays #1

Fellow Brum mum blogger brummy mummy of 2 runs an awesome weekly project,  designed as the antithesis to the perfect world of Parenthood we’re all guilty of posting on Instagram, called Wicked Wednesdays.

The idea is to post a picture of the less glamorous side of family life – tantrums, mess, photos gone wrong or grumpy kids.


This is my first week giving it a go, but considering the epic tantrums Xthrows just lately, and the sheer amount of trouble he gets himself into, I shouldn’t be short of entries.

This week – Breakfast.

Wicked Wednesdays 15th July 2015

He insisted I gave Sula (from Bing – Grandma bought him talking version, she’s adorable) some breakfast too, so I made up a small bowl of dry Cheerios. 5 seconds later they were everywhere.

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