Yay! Toddler is Napping – Bring On The ME Time

Time isn’t what it used to be, pre-baby. I know time flies when you’re having fun, but nap time seems to have its own speed, approaching that of LIGHT.

X has a morning nap, thankfully, a long morning nap, because that is it. All day. Wakes up at 6.30am, goes to bed at 7pm. One nap. While in reality, this nap actually lasts anywhere between an hour and three hours, the time seems to shoot by just as quickly. This is *my* time – I might manage to shove a pile of laundry into the washing machine (or re-wash the load that is still in there. Again.), or hastily fold the warm laundry out of the tumble drier so I don’t have to iron it (who am I kidding? Do we even OWN an iron?!) – but otherwise it’s a chance to catch up on recorded TV, or upload some photos to edit. What I should do is nap, or clean, or tidy… but there’s always the risk that this nap might not be his usual nice, long nap. Oh no… it could be an hour nap, where he wakes up cranky and needy. So if I have run around emptying the dishwasher instead of having a cup of tea, there goes the tea window! I can always empty the dishwasher before I go to bed, or while he’s eating his lunch, safely contained in his high chair, but that cup of tea… just the one shot for that.

I’ve achieved quite a lot this nap time – edited a few photos, played around with a new logo for here (what do you think, by the way? Yay or nay?), updated my Facebook page, ate a few of the cupcakes I made yesterday while in a PMS sugar crash, tidied up some toys… completely forgotten to drink that cup of tea, but I can’t face microwaving it… and enjoyed some actual peace and quiet. I’ve turned the tv off. All I can hear right now is my fingers typing, and the feint hiss of the baby monitor.

Now the question is, do I get the washing out of the tumble drier… have I got time? We’re approaching hour 3 – it’s like testing fate…

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