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16 Month Update

So we’re now just two months shy of 1 and a half… my baby is definitely not a baby any more!! The chubby cheeks are almost entirely gone, same as his round little tummy and chunky legs – he’s becoming tall and lean.


This last fortnight has been a bit of a revelation when it comes to speech.  We have new words appearing every day, if not more than one. Current favourites include Mama, Dada, purple, car, Pops, hoops (as in the spaghetti variety), go, bird and the occasional hello.

Hey look! I can get both feet in!

Oh, and of course, the one I was dreading – no. Which usually comes out in multiples with violent head shaking.

He joins in with songs, and asks for Row Row, which he loved to do the actions for as dramatically as possible. He also seems to be mimicking a lot of speech – just the other day he told his GeeGee to “get down”, although I’m not sure he knew what that meant!


So I still haven’t weighed him. Or measured him… he doesn’t stay still long enough!

He’s teething again but as I write he still only has 6. He also has an underbite, but I’ve been reassured it’ll most likely correct itself as his other teeth come through.

He’s lost his chubby cheeks now, and seems to be on an upwards growth spurt.

Under no circumstances will he let me cut his fringe. It is doing my head in as it is permanently in his eyes.

Eating and Drinking

We’ve had a bit of a blip with food of late – he’s far too keen to exert his independence by throwing it all on the floor or smushing it into the table to actually get around to eating much. He has, however, decided that he likes cheese again.

He now asks for a cup of milk if he fancies one by pointing to the microwave and shouting “More” which just generally seems to be code for “feed me”.

Xander has started to “pretend eat” with a cup and a spoon, and often feeds his toys as well. This cup is sooooooooo exciting!


Xander is still an angel when it comes to sleep. Even through this heatwave, we didn’t have too much trouble with him. Once he’s asleep, he tends to stay asleep until at least 6am. The only battle we have at the minute is getting him to settle, but even that is a cake walk compared to how he used to be. I’ve not put him to bed properly in a while because of my surgery (see the blog series about it) and subsequent recovery, but I have been helping, and I make sure to get my night night kiss.

I’d love to reintroduce a bedtime story, but Xander seems to know when he wants to be in bed, and as soon as he has his jammies on that’s all he wants to do. Perhaps we should introduce one downstairs before we head up for bed? He does love his books, and will happily read with us during the day, and often sits and reads the book himself outloud (which is adorable).

Other SkillsHelping Mama with the cleaning

I think I’ve covered most of his current abilities above – he’s concentrating on his language at the minute, so that’s the main area of improvement. He does love stacking toys and other objects to make a tower – but seems to get annoyed quite quickly if it’s not *exactly* how he wants it, which results in him knocking it back down again – that also goes for towers built by other people…

He copies a lot of our actions as well as our words – although I’m not sure where he got the mopping idea from, because lord knows I can’t remember the last time I actually mopped the lounge!!

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