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I think it’s fair to say that anyone who knows me understands that I am not designed for this weather. With Irish and Dutch ancestry, how am I supposed to withstand these hideous sticky, sweaty, revolting temperatures?

Yesterday I ended up with a heat-induced migraine, today I have been next to useless, consuming ice creams and standing in front of the fan.

Xander is coping far better, probably because he has the option of running around in just a nappy – although the running around seemed a bit harder for him today! Poor wee man is exhausted.


The worst thing, by far, of these stupid hot day of British Summer, which we are never prepared for,  is sleeping. According to BBC Weather, it is, at 10:20pm, 30°C. THIRTY DEGREES CENTIGRADE. Are you kidding me?! It doesn’t normally get this hot in the day ALL summer, and here we are enduring it at night?!

Xander has the only portable fan, as his room is 31° according to his monitor. He’s asleep (not sure how) with the window cracked and he’s only wearing a nappy. We bought a freestanding fan for the living room earlier on today but its a bit bulky to lug upstairs.

All  I can hope is that the promise that it will cool down tomorrow will come to fruition. I’m still recovering from my operation, so I’m not functioning at 100% anyway, last thing I need is to be melting too!

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