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A Fun Weekend In June

What on earth is that big yellow thing in the sky?!? The sun, you say? Gosh, we haven’t seen that in a while…

I turned 28 years and 12 months old this last week, so my brother and his girlfriend popped in on Sunday to give me my present (an AWESOME typography grown up colouring book – letters and colouring = happy Becki). We took ourselves out into the garden to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and hang some washing out, and then thought – hows about we have a bit of a picnic? It was coming up to lunch time. So a quick call to Grandma and GG (as it was GG’s Birthday), and a dash to the supermarket, and we had ourselves a garden lunch 😀

That's what an Uncle is for...

Our garden is coming along, but it is still a bit of a building site in places – but we’re working on it, and it looks a thousand times better than it did only a few weeks ago.

X seems to look incredibly grown up all of a sudden – I’m not sure if it’s the cute little denim shorts (from Primark!), or the way he holds himself just lately, but my baby is most definitely gone and we’re in the world of toddler!

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