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Messy Play At Home

“I know what we can do,” I messaged my friend last week, “the weather’s supposed to be nice Thursday, shall we let the kids make a mess with some paints. We can do it in the garden then we don’t risk my sofas?”

What a fab idea. Let the two toddlers run riot with poster paints and sponges, in the freedom of the garden where the rain would wash away any rogue handprints.

It turns out the weather wasn’t quite as nice as the forecasters made out and brief showers were the order of the day. But we soldiered on, using a shower curtain on the grass as it was a little damp.

We learned a lot of lessons that day…

1. Paper isn’t a great plan. Card is the way to go with 15 month olds. Otherwise it just gets ripped underfoot and eaten.

2. You need a really safe garden – ours in a little bit of a building site in places so we were always dashing up to stop one of them stepping into the hole where the patio once was and will shortly be again.

3. You think you’ll get cute hand prints to use for Father’s Day cards – you will, but not on the paper.

4. Someone will sit in the paint. It might not be a kid.

X hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to get messy – I seem to have an OCD I had no idea about – but he doesn’t seem to be a fan of it. He kept looking at the paint on his hands and saying “Uh oh!”.


C got a little more into the spirit of it, mostly as she’d actually sit still for more than 3 seconds, but she probably ate as much of the paint as she put on the card.


We ended up staying outside for about half an hour, and then the big grey clouds moved back in, so we had to leg it back into the house.

The little darlings had a bath together, which was the cutest thing as they kept splashing each other. Then we headed back to the lounge for a bit of an impromptu photoshoot.

C is only a little younger than X – her mum and I met on a Babycentre group for babies due in March 14 – and its lovely to see their similarities and differences in the way they’re learning and growing.





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