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15 Month Update

So X turned 15 months old this week. 15 months! It barely seems like yesterday we were strapping him into his car seat for the first time, in an all in one that was miles too big for him, and gingerly carrying him out of the hospital…

And now look at him! Little Explorer


I can’t actually remember the last time I had him weighed (putting him on the Wii Fit doesn’t count apparently), but I do know he’s about 30in tall, 76ish cm, which means he’s still slightly under the 50th centile, but that’s been the same throughout.

He’s now got 5 teeth, and a 6th very close by – two on the bottom and currently 3 on the top. X is very proud of his teeth and loves to show me just how proud by grinding them almost constantly. Yuck.

In terms of getting about, he took his first steps at 10 and a half months old, so 4 and a half months later he sprints around like a cheetah – you can blink and he’ll be gone. He hasn’t shown a great deal of interest in climbing, although he can easily scale the stairs, and get off the bed and sofas safely. His feet are still a tiny size 3.5, so his shoes are lasting! He’s outgrown his first ever pair, but he’s happy with his Dr Martens boots, his Thomas Wellies and his Converse, and we got him a lovely pair of neon green, closed toe, sandals from Clarks.

He needs a haircut… but I don’t want him to lose his curls as they’re adorable.


X’s talking has come on literally in just the last few days – we had a few words before, like “ball” and “uh oh”, but the list is now growing daily. He’s confident with “jooce” (juice), “Daddy”, “upah” (up), “pop”, “byebye”, “didi” (dickie bird or duck), and even asked for “cheese” today. Kisses for Monkey

His understanding is brilliant – he follows instructions and does certain things when asked. He’s not as affectionate as he was – it’s rare we get an actual cuddle from him, but he does come up and gently headbutt me in the boobs, which I’m taking as a sign of love! Night-night kisses are now part of our bedtime routine, and we all get covered in X-slobber. He loves his cuddly toys, especially Bear and Monkey – they get their fair share of kisses too!

Despite having never really taken him to a baby group (on my to-do list for next week) he’s a very sociable little fella, especially with children his age and adults. Older children, he looks up to with a sense of awe, which is gorgeous, but he really doesn’t know how to get from under their feet fast enough.

Fist bumps from a toddler are officially the cutest thing in the world. And he says “boom!” as he does it. The 15 minutes I spent teaching him that were well and truly worth it.

Eating and DrinkingSports Bottle

X went on to Cows Milk just before his first birthday, and instantly prefered it over the Aptamil formula. We’re now down to one cup a day with breakfast, but I do make sure he has yogurts and cheese, as well as milky cereal, to maintain a decent level of calcium intake.

Current favourite foods include jam on toast, chilli-con-carne, cocktail sausages and anything I happen to be eating.

He has a variety of sippy cups and bottles, and usually gets through most of one filled with very, very, diluted cordial in a day. Recently, he has mastered the straw and the sports bottle!

Mealtimes aren’t as easy as they once were, but he’s still relatively happy for us to help him out. From the beginning we decided to do a combination of spoon-feeding and baby lead weaning, more out of convenience than anything else, so now he’s happy to feed himself while we eat, but also doesn’t mind asking for help or for food off a spoon when he needs it.


X has always been a good sleeper, at least, at night. Daytime naps for the first 10 months of his life were spent on me – which did mean I got through a lot of series’ I’d meant to watch on Netflix… One day he decided that wasn’t going to be the case any more, and he asked to go in his cot. So now, naps are in the cot, and I can blog 😀 It’s unusual for him to fall asleep in his pushchair now unless he is absolutely shattered – I walked nearly 4 miles this morning and he was still pointing at the birds and giving himself fist bumps as we got home.

Nighttime isn’t the issue – the early mornings are at the moment. Although, this last week we have been getting up about 6.30-7am, which is a massive improvement on the 5am of the last month or so. Bedtime is thankfully a breeze, but I’m expecting trouble ahead!

Other Skills

X loves to try to put on his socks and shoes – he knows where they go, and which way round they should be, but no luck as of yet. He’s helpful getting dressed, and knows where the arm holes are in his t-shirts. He’s also started to do the actions to some songs, like “Round and Round the Garden”, and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Shoes Converse

15 months. I still can’t get my head around how that teeny-tiny little bundle, wrapped up in a fluffy snow-suit, has turned into this little independent person. Bonkers.

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