Review: Ikea Poäng Children’s Chair

After discussion with X’s aunt about how much his cousin loves his Poäng Chair, we decided to give one a go ourselves…

It was pretty simple to put together, to be honest – as is all Ikea furniture, although it did require a screwdriver (in addition to the provided Alan Key), so have one to hand when you come to build it! £20 didn’t seem too steep a price either, as the quality feels lovely, and I’ve seen chairs that aren’t as nice or as sturdy for far more expensive.

X was pretty excited to help us build it – our last trip to Ikea was on his birthday back in February when we bought him the Duktig kitchen, and that one was a bit complicated for him to join in. Not that we really let him help with this one, as he was actually more interested in throwing the leg supports across the floor as they made a good “bang”.Getting Comfy

The cover is washable, which is kind of essential with children’s furniture (especially a child who likes to wander around with a mushed up handful of Soreen Malt Loaf…). X isn’t really a climber, so I wasn’t sure how he would handle getting up and down on to it, but it was a breeze.

The chair is lightweight, but didn’t tip despite the 25lb toddler trying his best to fall off it.Little Climber

Overall, I’m pretty certain I’d recommend this to anyone with a little one – I’ve seen some wonderful hacks where the cover has been dyed too, so don’t let the cream colour put you off.

X Loves His New ChairMaverick Bear Approves!

Plus, Maverick Bear seems to like it…

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