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Center Parcs – Part Two

We decided from the off that we weren’t too keen on paying to do lots of activities – X is too young for most of them anyway it seems as they are mostly 2years+ – so Hubby has taken him swimming twice, and we’ve been out on some bike rides around the lake.

On Wednesday, as the weather had dramatically improved from the downpours on Monday and Tuesday,  we went out for a walk on the nature trail.

This was X’s first proper trip out in the LittleLife Adventurer backpack and he adored it – there was some significant screaming when we were putting him in, but once he was up he was having the time of his life.

The trail wasn’t too long, although I’m sure you could easily spend hours out there. The view felt like something from the Rockies, not something only an hour and a half from Birmingham City Centre!


We walked the whole trail, then stopped off at the play-area at The Country Club to let the boys have a run around. I try not to be a “helicopter” parent where possible, but considering the metre-plus drop from the top of the slide and the lack of sides I didn’t like to leave X to it – and he likes to step onto the slope of the slide which will always end in tears.

The lesser spotted Mother and Child photo…

Back to the lodge for Sausage and Mash, and thankfully an easy bedtime for the kids, which meant time to chill out for us grown ups.

A few rounds of cards, a couple of drinks, and then a relatively early night – all this cycling and walking doesn’t feel like much when you’re doing it as it’s mostly flat, but you really feel it at 9.30pm!!

We’re going home tomorrow, and I’m currently trying to figure out the logistics of returning the bikes and packing up the lodge to be out by 10am – we don’t have to be out of the park by 10am though, so perhaps we’ll have lunch somewhere before we venture back to hopefully find our house still in one piece!

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