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Center Parcs – Part One


Our adventure started with X deciding that 5am is *the best* time to wake up and not want to go back to sleep, so by the time we had managed to pack the car and leave (9.30am) he was super cranky and getting pretty stroppy.

We had a few errands to run on the way, including popping in to Go Outdoors for a raincover for the Little Life carrier as the forecast for this week isn’t looking too promising. Eventually, we arrived at Sherwood Forest just after lunchtime, but as we couldn’t get into our lodge until 3pm we decided to explore the main Village area.

X had a good run around on his reigns – another LittleLife product because their kids backpacks are just too cute – and we made friends with some pretty tame ducks (I guess they’re very used to people!)

The restaurants seem mighty expensive, and I’m glad we’d done a big shop on the way as we’d planned to cook our own food rather than eating out (or ordering in which is an option they have on site).  We met up with Hubby’s sister, her partner and son, and tried out Huck’s American Grill – the food looks nice (although what is wrong with serving food on an actual plate? Instead, a hipster tray and camping cup!) but again, pricey.

We headed towards the lodge about 3.30pm once the queues to get out of the main car park had subsided – driving around the park is not easy and I’m glad it’s car free until Friday now.

The lodge itself is lovely – we have a 4 bedroom Woodland Lodge, with two double rooms and two twins. The Lodges normally come with one cot, but we had paid to hire an additional wooden one as neither of the boys are keen on their travel cots. Unfortunately when we arrived they had left a travel cot instead of the wooden one requested – a mistake that took 3 and a half hours and 5 phone calls to sort out which was really disappointing. There is also not a great deal of room for the cots to go – thankfully we managed to squeeze them into the twin rooms but it’s not the easiest fit.

We decided to hire bikes for the week, which I was really looking forward to until we realised that I would have to be the one to ride with X – I am not a confident cyclist, in fact the last time I was on a bike was five or six years ago and it wasn’t a huge one (I only have little legs!!) The first 5 minutes on this bike with X strapped to the back were actually terrifying. I nearly had a meltdown, but just about kept it together, and was enjoying myself by the time we got back to the Lodge – even if I can’t seem to turn right very well! X loved it and was pointing the way to go!


Our lodge is quite close to some water, so we’re getting loads of visitors of the feathered variety. Hubby has gone a bit mad on taking photos of the geese, but admittedly it’s hard to resist when they’re right up next to our glass patio doors.

There is lots more to follow. Right now, everyone else is swimming but as I hate the water I’m in the bar, using up the free WiFi!!

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